How to Troubleshoot & Solve All of Your HVAC Problems in Las Vegas, NV; Air Conditioner Not Cooling Due to Faulty AC Wiring, Fan or Low Refrigerant

Temperatures are rising fast. We are well on our way into triple digit temperatures for the next few months. Keeping your home cool during these extreme temperatures is necessary when it comes to making home life comfortable. It is this time of year that many homeowners realize that their air conditioning unit is not working the way that it should be. Unfortunately many homeowners neglect to care for their air conditioning unit throughout the entire year and only pay attention to it when they need it most. This will result in a faulty unit and a very warm and uncomfortable home. Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning will take care of all your A/C needs this summer and throughout the entire year.

Beware of Faulty A/C Wiring

One of the most dangerous problems that homeowners run into with their air conditioning unit is faulty wiring; however they do not realize that the problem is faulty wiring at first. In most cases the unit will fail to switch on entirely, leaving the homeowner with a sure sign that something isn’t right. Shoddy, haphazard or uncertified A/C wiring is risky and a possible fire hazard. Bad wiring will prevent the system from getting power or will trip the circuit breaker. Faulty A/C wiring should only be looked at by a professional. Never attempt to repair A/C wiring on your own, this is dangerous and can also lead to possible electrocution. Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning is skilled and experienced in repairing faulty A/C wiring and will have your unit up and working in no time.

Low AC Refrigerant Charge Symptoms

A common issue that homeowners run into with their air conditioning unit is low refrigerant or low Freon. Refrigerant is the chemical that cools the air within your air conditioning unit. When Freon levels are low, this could mean that there is a leak or a problem with the refrigerant system. If your A/C unit needs to be charged with refrigerant then it is likely your unit is experiencing a leak of some kind. An A/C unit with no or little refrigerant will not produce cool air and your home will become stuffy, warm and uncomfortable.

A Faulty A/C Fan will Lead to your Motor & Unit Overheating

One of the most important parts on your air conditioning unit is the outside fan. The outside fan is responsible for conveying the heat from your home to the outside air. If the fan on the outside of your air conditioning unit is not working properly then proper heat transfer cannot take place and the air conditioning compressor may overheat and trip the safety overload. A faulty outside fan can also lead to internal damage to the compressor.

Air conditioning Inspection, Tune Up, Preventive Maintenance, Emergency Repair & Replacement in Las Vegas Valley Inc. Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning technicians are familiar with all air conditioning units and know what it takes to repair them and get them back to working at their highest capacity. Contact Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning today to keep your home cool and comfortable this summer.