How to Tell you Have a Leak or Hole in your Air Conditioning & Heating Ductwork; A Preventative Maintenance Inspection is the Answer in Las Vegas NV!

When it comes to running your heater and air conditioning unit most people assume that the most important part of it is the unit itself. This is a major part for sure but a part that is often overlooked and could be just as important is the ductwork. The ductwork is a series of metal tubes that runs through the attic space. It is what sends the air from the unit to each room in the house. The duct is installed when you add a unit to your home or when the house is built. It is part of the main plans of home building and needs to be installed accurately to ensure that each room receives that correct amount of air to cool it or heat it. The problem is that the duct is not a single piece and therefore there are many opportunities for it to have a leak that can send the air out and into the attic space. The air that is sent into the attic space is not useful in heating or cooling a home and is basically wasted.

It can be very hard to recognize that you have a leak in your duct work, but Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning has prepared some signs to look for and what to do to make the repair.

Air Conditioning & Heating Duct Leak Symptoms

What are the signs? One of the signs that you can look for is if you start to notice that a specific room is not getting cooled or heated as well as the rest of the house. You want to start and look at the vent to make sure that it is opened all the way and if it is and it is still not getting the right amount of air it could have a leak. Another way that you can tell that you may have a leak is when you take a look at your energy bill. When the heated or cooled air escapes the duct work and fills the attic space the unit has to work harder to cool or heat the rest of the house. This means that you may notice more usage than normal and that could be a sign that you need to have your duct work inspected. If you start to notice a puff of dust entering a room when the unit kicks on it could be from dust that is getting in through a crack or space and settling in the duct. That way when the air kicks on it can send it right into the room that is closest to the leak.

Emergency Air Conditioning & Heating Ductwork Leak Repair & Preventative Maintenance Inspections in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North Las Vegas & Henderson Nevada

What can you do to repair it? When you start to suspect that your duct work is leaking you want to schedule an inspection with a professional Air Conditioning and Heating company like Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning. They can traverse the duct that is in the tiny space and make any repairs necessary. The repair is called sealing the duct. Contact us to find out more!