How to Tell if Your Expansion Valve Needs Replacing in Peccole Ranch, NV; HVAC Blowing Hot Air & More

When it comes to keeping the house comfortable there are some main components. You want to have the home secured and of course you want to have the house at a temperature that is comfortable. The seasons change and there are times that it is too hot outside and times that it is too cold outside. That is why we have become so reliant on the air conditioning unit. The AC is important during the summer months and when it is not working properly it can be hard to get through the season. There are many parts of the unit that can go out or need repaired or replacement and one of them is called the expansion valve. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning outlines what happens when your expansion valve stops working.

Expansion Valve Working Principle

There are lots of moving and working parts that are there to make sure that that unit is working right. When even just one of the parts is not working the unit will not cool the house down. The unit has a process that it has to work through to ensure that the refrigerant is workable in the unit. The unit has coolant that is in the form of refrigerant that has to start as a liquid then it will be moved into a gas then back into a liquid. During the process the coolant is made into a gas that is cooled down and sent to the house that will then extract out the warmth from the house. The warm air that has been removed from the house then has to be taken outside. Once it is outside the house the coolant will then have to be cooled back down. The problem is that the refrigerant is too warm and it cannot be cooled off. The only way that it can be put back in the rotation and cooled back down and brought back to a liquid is to be put through the expansion valve. The valve will remove the heat and use pressure so that it can be pushed back in the unit.

Symptoms of a Bad Expansion Valve

Each part of the unit has to be in good working conditioning. The great thing is that you can usually use some of the signs that start to happen to determine what is wrong with your unit. One is that you will notice that the house is not cooling down well and that the air that is coming out is not cooled down like normal. You also might notice that the coils that are found on the outside unit are frozen over. You also could notice that the unit is running for a longer period of time that it usually does.

How to Repair or Replace an Expansion Valve

You want to make sure that any work that is done with the unit is done by a professional. You want to call to have your unit inspected and the expansion valve repaired or replaced. It is important to let the professional determine if it is best to have the part replaced or repaired. The great thing is that this is a common part that can be replaced on a unit.

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