How to Tell if Your Air Conditioner is Broken When It’s Not Cooling Your Henderson, NV House

The weather is getting warmer and when the hot days get here you should know the signs that your air conditioner might be broken. You’ll know it’s working when you hear it click on and feel the cool air begin coming out of the vents. If it breaks down on you it will result in a hot house that can lead to sleepless nights and irritability of family members. The good news is that you can get it up and running again, the bad news, there will be a repair bill attached to it! There are a few things you can try while you wait for the repair to be done that might get some air flowing into the house.

Why Air Conditioner is Not Cooling / Blowing Cold Air

1. Check the power. The easiest fix might just be a tripped circuit or a blown fuse. Go to the electrical panel and see if any of the switches have moved to the center position. If one has, it might be the one that operates the air conditioner. You might just have to switch it back on. It might be labeled furnace because the switch will operate the same blower. If this is the problem then you’re good to go. If your AC requires a fuse to operate the blower, check and see if its burned out. If it is, you’ll see a dark spot on the glass of the fuse.
2. Check the fan. Find the switch for the fan next to the “auto” switch in the thermostat. Switch it over to the “on” position and listen for the fan to start up. If you do then you’ll know the blower is getting power. Even though the blower is working there still might be an issue with the air conditioner itself. If the fan does not start, then there’s most likely a problem with the blower.
3. Troubleshooting the thermostat. The air conditioner in your home works off the home’s thermostat and a family member might have changed it and switched it from “cool” to “auto” or someone might have changed the temperature. The battery that runs the thermostat might be dead too, so try putting a fresh battery in to see if it will start working. Anything electrical can breakdown so you might need a new thermostat.
4. Other possible air conditioner problems. If you understand the way the air conditioner works you can check the condensation drain to see if it’s working correctly. Clogged condensation drains can cause the air conditioner to stop working. Check and see if the coils are dirty or blocked. If they are, the unit won’t run effectively and if there’s dripping water, make sure the pan is running the condensation through the drain tube and out the back of the unit. One final thing to check is that the filter. If it’s dirty or clogged, it will cause the cooling capacity of the air conditioner to be reduced.

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Most problems with your air conditioner are easy to fix. Many homeowners put off calling for help because they’re worried about a large repair bill. Don’t put it off because a small fix can prevent a large breakdown in the future. Call Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning at the first signs of a cooling problem.