How to Reduce & Save on Gas Bill this Winter in Silverado Ranch, NV; Heating Tune Up & More

Here in the Las Vegas Valley our utility bills are significantly higher during the hot summer months. Keeping your home at a comfortable temperature for your family will create quite the power bill for most families. Water bills also go up in the summer months. During the winter we all enjoy a significant drop in our monthly utilities. With this drop homeowners can become lackadaisical in their endeavors to be mindful of their utility consumption. Today Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning is going to share some tips on how you can keep your heating bills lower this winter.

Schedule Heating Tune Up & Maintenance

Some of the tips definitely overlap from what you were likely already doing during the summer months.
Our first tip is to make sure that you schedule your maintenance appointment on your heating and air conditioning unit. Ideally you should have this service provided during the fall. If you miss the window on this it is better to do it late than never. Having one of our technicians here at Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning come out and inspect your unit will help you identify any areas of concern. When you can address issues when they are small it will be much easier and cheaper than fixing them later. The longer that problems with your heater go unaddressed the more damage that they end up causing.

Set Temperature Lower During Winter

If you have lived in Las Vegas for some time you have probably grown accustomed to the warmer temperatures. As a result of this you may find that you feel the need to have your thermostat turned up higher than needed during the winter. If you turn your thermostat down to a lower temperature you most likely will not even notice it. We recommend trying to lowering it just a few degrees to save up to 10% on your heating bill. The recommended temperature in your home during the winter is 68 degrees. One way to overcome feeling cold when you lower your thermostat is to wear socks when you are inside instead of going barefoot. When your feet are cold your entire body will feel cold. So if you keep socks on your feet you will automatically feel warmer. Wrapping up in blankets and wearing a hoodie indoors are also good ways to stay comfortable and save some money.

Close Exterior Doors & Windows when Running Central Heating

The next few tips are good things to implement all year long. You will want to make sure that you do not leave your doors or windows open when you have your heat running. It stinks to pay to heat air that you then let escape right out your front door. Getting your home nice and warm just to have someone leave the door open for 5 minutes and make it cold again really is miserable. In addition to leaving your windows and doors closed you will also want to make sure that your windows and doors are properly sealed. You should check the seals on your windows and doors twice a year for leaks. Fixing the leaks is typically just a simple project.

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We hope that these tips keep you nice and warm this winter here in Las Vegas. If you find yourself with a heater that is not working properly give Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning a call. We can get your unit working in no time!