How to Reduce Electric Bill & Electricity Consumption of Air Conditioner in MacDonald Ranch, NV

An increase to the power bill by up to 50% is commonly seen when the air conditioner needs to run in the summer. To help reduce the impact of your running AC without sacrificing the needed comfort, there are a few easy solutions you can apply to help trim the operating costs of your air conditioning system that we at Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning would like to share today.

Is Upgrading to a Programmable or Smart Thermostat Worth It?

Within a single cooling season, as a huge money-saver, a programmable thermostat pays for itself in most cases. You can depend on programmable thermostats without the stress of remembering to shutoff the system or adjusting the temperatures when you are not home. There are many affordable models with advanced technology that allow you to manage the thermostat from your smartphone, allowing the unit to remain off until about 30-60 minutes before you are due home can save money. When the temperature in your home are reached the thermostat stops the compressor, will prevent the unit from not over expending more energy or work harder to reach comfort levels. Program the thermostat to about 78° Fahrenheit when you are gone for more than 2 hours.

Clean or Change Air Filters

According to the type of filter, change or clean the filter as a very vital step to reduce the power bills. The air conditioner works over time with the restricted airflow, skyrocketing the operating costs as well as accelerating the wear, requiring more repairs and shortening the lifespan. Be sure to check them filters every 4-6 weeks.

Do Ceiling Fans Cool a Room?

Because cool air naturally falls, ceiling fans offset this natural tendency. Particularly when you set the thermostat to a slightly warmer temperature to save energy, the ceiling fans keep air circulating air while using much less energy. Much like a cool breeze ceiling fans can make you feel up to 8 degrees cooler by keeping the air moving.

How Often Do I Need HVAC System Maintenance?

Routinely scheduled annual maintenance can help ensure the operating system is efficient and reliable. During the maintenance services, a certified technician cleans, tightens, lubes, and ensures all parts are in excellent condition. Not only is the energy usage properly managed, but you boost longevity and performance.

Home Sealing

In the home’s foundation and structure need to be sealed. Cracks and crevices around doors and windows need proper sealing and weather stripping, usually easily done, but handyman services can help get it done as well. With the home properly sealed, the cool air cannot escape, and the warm air cannot enter, keeping the energy efficiency under control.

Close Curtains & Blinds to Keep Heat Out

Make sure the blinds, curtains and/or drapes closed on the South and West sides of the home. The same affect is happening to your house, a lot like your parked car getting hot under the sun. Keeping the A/C running for air it cannot cool, the direct sunlight peeking through the windows is increasing the temperatures in your home. To help avoid the waste and reduce energy use, be sure keep the blinds and drapes closed.

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