How to Prevent & Fix Carbon Monoxide Furnace Leaks in Sunrise Manor, NV; Detectors, HVAC Maintenance & More

Carbon monoxide is a gas that is odorless and colorless. It is the byproduct of burning fuel to heat your home. If carbon monoxide is in your home, you will not be able to detect it. This is the reason it’s called the “silent killer”. The CDC reports that carbon monoxide poisoning is responsible for 400 deaths in the United States every year. It also sends 20,000 to the hospital with 4,000 who are hospitalized. A leaky furnace or boiler is the most common cause of deadly carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide can make its way into your home through a gas furnace that is compromised. This happens when cracks develop in the heat exchanger and combustion chamber, through leaking seams, cracks in the exhaust piping or an incomplete combustion process. These issues will allow carbon monoxide to leak into your home. Every home should have precautions in place to prevent and detect carbon monoxide.

Preventing Carbon Monoxide Leaks in Your Furnace

1. Install carbon monoxide detectors– This is your first line of defense in preventing the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning. There are various carbon monoxide detectors to choose from and can detect the smallest trace of gas in the air. They should be installed throughout the home and near bedrooms.
2. Replace furnace air filter– Refer to the manual for your furnace to make sure you use the right filter for your furnace. This will ensure the best performance. The manual will also tell you how often it needs to be changed. Most furnaces recommend changing the filter every three months.
3. Routine furnace maintenance– Your HVAC system needs to maintained yearly to make sure everything is working properly. Professionals are trained to do this the right way. They will clean it, check for cracks and look for leaks that may present. Because carbon monoxide poisoning is so dangerous, repairs need to be done immediately and you shouldn’t do these repairs on your own. The older a furnace gets, the more important it is to have maintenance done regularly.

Symptoms of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

If carbon monoxide is present and is inhaled for long enough, it can be deadly because it’s poisonous and prevents the oxygen in your body from being used. People that have survived carbon monoxide poisoning relate the experience to having the flu with symptoms that include dizziness, headache, nausea, vomiting, weakness, confusion and chest pain. Breathing in too much will cause you to pass out or kill you. People that are sleeping or intoxicated can die before they experience any symptoms. If you experience any of these symptoms and suspect it may be caused by carbon monoxide poisoning, you need to leave the area right away and seek medical attention.

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It’s good to know that that if your furnace or boiler is functioning properly, you are completely safe. The only time you are in danger is if you furnace is compromised in some way. Contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning today for maintenance to ensure your family is safe!