How to Prevent Central Air Conditioner Failure in Winchester, NV; HVAC Tune Up, Clean AC Unit & More

It is natural to want a reliable air conditioning system in your home. Keeping our homes cool in summer here in Las Vegas is necessary to make it through our hottest temperatures. When an air conditioner goes out unexpectedly, it can leave the home way too hot, and even become life threatening for some. To prevent mid-summer air conditioner break downs, Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning will share what you as a homeowner can do to ensure a reliable cooling system.

Is HVAC Tune-Up Worth It?

It is essential to have your air conditioning system tuned annually to ensure that the air conditioner runs smoothly throughout the summer season. During an HVAC tune-up, the entire cooling system is inspected and cleaned. Screws and bolts are tightened down and so much more. Not only will a tune-up ensure the air conditioner is running at top performance, any major problems are detected and repaired. It is recommended that the air conditioning system receives its annual tune-up in the spring. If you haven’t had your air conditioner tunes up yet, it is never too late. To ensure top performance and reliability during this hot summer season contact a HVAC service to come and tune-up your air conditioning system.

Change Air Filters

When it comes to preventing air conditioner failure, the homeowner must regularly change out the air filters. Air filters are often neglected and are not changed out as often as needed. As a result, a number of issues can occur. First, the air filter helps to clean the air inside your home. As the air filter captures the different particles in the air, the air filter becomes compacted and restricts the air flow. This simple air flow restriction can magnify into a full air conditioner failure. Because the air flow is restricted, the entire air conditioner will begin to stress and work longer and harder to cool down the inside of your home. A number of problems can then occur, such as the coils can ice up, the air conditioner can overheat, and components break. Make sure to remember to change out the air filters as needed and check them monthly.

Clean Outside AC Condenser Unit

Both ground and roof top units are exposed to different types of debris. Ground units can have weeds, grass, or trash building up around the unit. When the unit is over encompassed with debris, the air flow is restricted. Additionally, the grass, weeds or debris can get caught up inside the outside unit leading to damages. Roof top units often have birds nesting around it or trash gets blown up and caught all around the unit. If anything gets inside the unit, it can get caught up inside the fan and lead to other damages inside the unit. Both ground and roof top units should be kept clean. You will want to keep a one to three foot perimeter surrounding the outdoor unit clean and free of debris at all times.

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