How to Prepare Air Conditioner for Summer in Paradise, NV; AC Tune Up Maintenance Service & More

During the summer some many rely on their air conditioner to help keep their home cool and comfortable. However, it seems that during the summer time is when something goes wrong with our air conditioners. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioner notes that there are about four common problems that many homeowners’ experience the most during the summer. If you’re having problems with your home’s air conditioner, it could be one of these top four common problems.

Air Conditioning Repairs You May Need this Summer

Refrigerant Leaks – The refrigerant, or also known as Freon or coolant, is essential in cooling down your home. Without refrigerant, only warm air will come out of your air vents instead of the refreshing cool air we depend on. It is very common for the refrigerant lines to have a break or leak. The first step is locating the leak. Fixing the leak is relatively easy once discovered. Once the leak is repaired, an HVAC licensed technician will refill your refrigerant to ensure your air conditioner stay cools and cools the inside of your home. If the refrigerant is low this can cause the air conditioner to overheat and break down along with not cooling the inside of your home.
Dirty Condensate Lines – Another common and serious problem is when the condensate line gets dirty or clogged. This isn’t good for many reasons. The condensate drain collects the condensation from the coils into the condensate pan which acts as a drain that sends the water away from your home. If the condensate pan or drain is dirty or gets clogged, you will notice leaking or water backing up into your home. Having the pan and drain cleaned is a simple but essential fix.
Fan Belt – The fan belt often gets overheated, especially in the summer time and can either stretch out or break. If you notice the fan from your air conditioner is making a squeaking noise, this is a clear sign the belt is broken or stretched out and needs to be replaced. Obviously, the belt is needed to rotate the fan so it is important to replace the belt if you detect signs of the belt breaking.
Major System Components – As general as it may sound, there are major components that seem to break down during the summer season. This could be due to southern Nevada’s extreme heat or just age. There are a number of components that comprise your home’s air conditioner and it systems. To help prevent major component failure, especially during the middle of summer, it is wise to have your air conditioner inspect and tuned up every spring or before your air conditioner undergoes regular use. When your air conditioner is tuned up, the technician will inspect, clean and look for any failing components. If any components look in poor condition, it is recommended to have the parts replaced or repaired to ensure your air conditioner doesn’t die on you in July or August.

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