How to Keep Upstairs Cool in Summer in Aliante, NV; HVAC Zoning, Modulating System, 2 Unit AC System & More

Many homes found in Las Vegas, NV have a two-story floorplan that involves and upper level rather than a basement and main floor. The ground is so difficult to dig in here, that building up is often much easier than trying to dig out a basement. Because we have such brutal summers, it can be rather difficult to keep that second story cool though. Many homeowners are constantly looking for ways to make the second story feel cooler than it does. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning is here to share some tips that could help to cool off your second story.

How to Keep Heat from Rising Upstairs

Before taking larger steps in cooling your second story, there are several small steps you can take to see if they can help you out.
– Replace the filter for an inexpensive fiberglass filter rather than one that is pleated. The low resistance will help the air flow better to that second story.
– Have your AC system professionally cleaned and tuned up.
– Check the registers to make sure they are open and not blocked by clutter or furniture.
– Close blinds on hot summer days.
– Replace light bulbs that produce heat for LED bulbs.

How to Cool Upstairs of a 2 Story Home

Following are some solutions that are a bit more complicated and involved but can offer outstanding cooling results.
– High Return: When you have a return duct high on the second floor, it can draw the hot air from the highest point in the house to be cooled and offer much reprieve to that second floor.
– Multi-Stage/Modulating Systems: Most AC systems run on one setting, max. They turn on and immediately start to work full speed to cool your home. Many homeowners are finding that when they replace their units with multi-stage or modulating systems, the lower speed can help to cool their home more efficiently. They run longer at a lower speed to consistently cool the air. These systems can also help to save you money on cooling costs.
– Zoning: Some duct systems aren’t set up for it, but if yours is, you can have your HVAC professional install a zoning system in your home so that you can only have certain areas cooled at once. This isn’t an option for every home, but worth looking into.
– Separate Systems: If you have an attic that has room for you to install a second AC unit, you may find the best results with this option. Then you can completely control the temperature of the upper level without worrying about what the lower level is doing.

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