How to Keep Rooms in House Cool in Summer & Increase Air Conditioner Efficiency in North Las Vegas, NV

Living in the deserts of Las Vegas is not an easy thing in the scorching hot summers, where even the dark hours feel like you stuck your head in a warm oven. Finding ways to keep cool but minimize the use of the air conditioner can present a challenge and we at Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning would like to offer some tips to do just that. Not using the air conditioner at all is near impossible, but the less you use it, the wear and tear it endures and the less energy it consumes; finding other alternatives can help you fulfill your goal and you won’t have to sacrifice comfort with the tips Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning listed below.

How to Cool Off When You Are Hot

First things first, taking care of yourself and family is just as important as cooling the home, especially in the Vegas Valley where temperatures can be extreme. Below are the following tips to take care of the body first.
1) Avoid strenuous work outdoors in the middle of the day. If it needs to be done, try early morning or after dusk; be sure to take frequent breaks.
2) Drink lots of water, wear sunscreen, and breathable light colored clothing if you know you are spending time outside.
3) Avoid consuming alcohol and caffeine.
4) Do not stay in a hot vehicle without operating the air conditioner and NEVER leave children or pets in a hot vehicle.

How to Cool a Room or Whole House While Minimizing Air Conditioner

Run the air conditioner at temperatures as you prefer, but follow these steps to give the air conditioner a break.
1) When the weather permits, shut the AC off and open the windows.
2) During the day, especially where the sun has direct access, be sure to close shades and blinds.
3) If possible, only operate your oven, dryer, or other appliances that heat up during the day when necessary.
4) When you leave the home for two hours or more turn the air conditioner off, but keep in mind pets. If pets remain behind, keep the A/C on, but notch it up a few degrees. A big mistake many Las Vegas, NV homeowners are guilty of is setting the thermostat extremely low in the hopes for a rapid cool down of the home when they return to a warm home. This tactic does not work and only causes your system to over exert itself and consume more energy, without any result. To keep your home comfortable, most folks are happy with their thermostat set to 78°F, turn it up 5-10°F when you leave to see the savings add up every month.
5) Take up swimming. If you have no access to your own pool, invest in the pass at a public pool.
6) Install ceiling fans and keep plenty of portable fans around in the occupied rooms.

Other Tips to Improve Air Conditioner Efficiency

Keep your A/C use to a minimum by properly maintaining it by doing the following:
Air conditioning maintenance needs to be scheduled once a year.
– Once a month to regulate airflow, change the AC filter.
– At the start of any issues, contact a professional.

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Should you notice the air conditioner on the fritz, contact Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning and let our experts assist you.