How to Keep Dog, Cat & Pet Hair Out of Vents, Furnace & Air Conditioning System in Paradise, NV

Pets are part of the family and we love them, but the hair and dander they leave behind can create problems for your HVAC system. It can also impact the air quality in your home in a negative way as it floats around. Having dogs and cats in your home means you’ll need to make some special considerations.

HVAC Maintenance Tips When You Have Pets

1. Regularly change the air filter. You will need to change air filters more often when you live with pets. Pet hair can clog filter and the dander can buildup. This will impact the efficiency and operation of your system considerably. You can purchase reusable filters that can be washed if you find you’re changing them too much.
2. Keep your home clean. The less hair and dander floating around the better. Try your best to remove pet hair and dander with more vacuuming and dusting to help the air filter out.
3. Groom your pets. To reduce the amount of pet hair in your home groom your pets regularly. Shedding is normal but keep it under control with brushing and bathing. Grooming will also decrease the amount of time you spend cleaning.
4. Clean the air ducts. No amount of cleaning will prevent all hair and particles from circulating through your home. This includes the air ducts. Pet hair and dander will buildup in the ducts and affect the air quality. Homes without pets also need to have the ducts cleaned to maintain healthy air quality and prevent costly repairs.
5. Pet proof AC unit. Try and stop your pets from chewing. Pets will chew when they are bored or feel anxious and when they decide to chew on the wiring of the HVAC system it can be dangerous. There is the risk of injury and system malfunction. Take steps to keep pets away from wiring.
6. Protect AC unit from dog urination. Dogs tend to mark areas by urinating on them and can happen indoors and outdoors. The components of your HVAC system can be damaged when they decide to urinate on it. You will need to consider placing a barrier to keep them away and to prevent costly damage.
7. Adjust the thermostat. The most comfortable temperature in a home ranges between the low 70s and the high 60s. Pets however prefer different temperatures. Keep the temperature in the low- to mid- 60s in the winter and low- to mid-70s in the summer when you away from home. Doing so will save both energy, money and give the system some rest.
8. Consider an air purifier. Homes with pets can benefit with an air purifier, especially it there are allergy suffers in the home. Air purifiers can keep the air free of dust and dirt. There are options for the number of pets you have and the size of your home.

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Using these HVAC maintenance tips when you have pets will help keep your system operating efficiently and extend its life. When you need professional HVAC services, contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning.