How to Keep Cool While Waiting for Emergency AC Repair in Las Vegas, NV; Turn Off the Air Conditioner, Change the Air Filters, Turn on Fans & More!

One of the very worst things to come home to is an air conditioning unit that is no longer working. The summer heat is unbearable and the AC is necessary to stay indoors and keep yourself cooled off. If the air conditioning unit stops working, the heat will take over your home extremely fast. If this happens to you call an air conditioning company that offers emergency services as well as AC repairs in your area. You want to have a technician out as soon as possible to take care of the problem. In the mean time you will need some ways to stay cool so you don’t develop heat stroke.

Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning list ways you can try and keep your home from overheating while waiting for AC repairs.

Close The Blinds: One of the ways that your home will start to heat up is through the windows. The sun will come in and the heat will radiate in the home and that in turn will heat up the house. You need to stop this from happening and block out the suns rays by pulling down the blinds. This is also a great way to keep the sun and heat out even when the AC is working properly.
Turn Off The AC: If you are certain that the air conditioning has actually stopped working you want to be sure that you turn it to the off position at the thermostat. You want the unit to stop trying to kick on while it is malfunctioning. If it continues to try and run it can end up causing more damage to the unit than the original problem. You want to go over to the unit and turn it in the off position and turn on the fan. The fan in most occasions will continue to work and circulate the air.
Change Out The Air Filters: If you think that your AC unit is not running right you want to change out the filters. Many times the restricted air flow will slow down and that in turn will stop the air from cooling down properly. You want to switch out the old filters and give the air the clearest path to allow the air to flow and try and cool down the house.
Keep Yourself Hydrated: You also can keep your body cooled by making sure that you are hydrated. Drinking nice cool water can help to keep you cool and your skin moisturized and cooled off. Also be sure that your four legged friends are fully hydrated as well.
Turn on Ceiling Fans: You can help to continue to circulate the air by using ceiling fans. This will move the air and that will cool down the skin allowing you to feel much cooler. You can also add some stand fans in rooms that may not have a fan in the ceiling.
Call for Emergency AC Repair: You want to be sure that you call an AC repair company that has emergency services so that we are able to come out and take care of the repairs right away. The AC needs to work to keep you and your family comfortable.

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