How to Keep a Cold Room & House Warm at Night in Anthem, NV; Stop Drafts, Winter Ceiling Fan Direction & More

The temperatures outside are cold enough that people are looking for ways to stay warm. When you are outside you can grab a jacket, beanie, gloves and boots to keep the heat your body naturally produces close. When you are done being outside and you get in the house you want to be able to shed all these layers so it is important to know ways to warm your home. The season is also the time of year that people tend to spend more money on gifts and travel. That is why it is crucial to find ways to keep your home warm without breaking the bank. A house is surrounded by the cold temperatures outside and it can be difficult to stay warm all day and night.

Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning Offers Tips On Warming Up Your House This Cold Winter Season

Stop Drafts Around Doors & Windows: When it comes to the draft, the only time it is good is for sports. When talking about drafts in the house it is a way that your home will constantly be losing the heat you are paying for. Drafts can be occurring in several areas of your home. The most common problem is around doors and windows. The reason is the casing has weather stripping that is fitted perfectly. The weather stripping can start to break down or become damaged. The gaps will allow the cold air from outside to get in the house. This can adjust the temperature in the house and even cause some cold spots in the house. A draft in the house can cost you money so have them repaired.
Open Blinds to Let Heat from Sun in: There is not a single way to heat up your home. The most important way is to use the heating system in your house. The heater will run to keep the house warm depending on what you set the thermostat to. You can add warmth to the home by using the biggest heat producer out there. The sun is a great addition to your heating system. You can use your windows and crack open the blinds to allow the sun to filter in the house. This helps to warm up the house which will allow your heating system to work a little less.
Winter Ceiling Fan Direction: Many people think that using your ceiling fans in the house is for the hot summer months only. If you shut them down in the winter you are doing yourself a disservice. We all know that hot air rises. That means that the heat you are paying for is up at the top of the home and near the ceiling. It will trickle down but this could take some time. You can use your ceiling fans as long as they are running counter clockwise to push the air. The air will be pushed up which will force the warm air down the walls and help to make the room feel warm.

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