How to Increase Airflow & Restore Air Balance in Your Desert Shores, NV Home; Open Vents & More

Do you have hot or cold spots in your home? When your home doesn’t have proper air balance this will lead to high cooling costs and areas of the home that are much more uncomfortable. Some causes of air imbalance can be caused by simple problems that are easily repaired, other problems may require professional repair. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning will share some of the common causes of air imbalance in the home and how to correct this common problem.

What is HVAC Air Balancing?

Air imbalance is when the air from the air conditioning doesn’t equalize the temperature throughout the home. When you have air in the home that fails to properly cool down, it can be due to a number of different reasons. As a homeowner you will want to begin troubleshooting the cause of the air imbalance.

Should Air Vents Be Open or Closed?

When you notice an air imbalance, start with the potentially simpler solutions. The first being the air vents. If the air vents have been closed they will prevent the air from flowing into the room. In some homes the air vents are set low, either near the ground or even on the floor. Make sure the vents are not obstructed. You will want the vents open and have plenty of air flow space. If this is not the problem, check your thermostat next. In some cases the thermostat has been set to the “ON” position. The ON position means the fan will run but the air conditioner will not run a cooling cycle. Make sure the thermostat is set to the “AUTO” setting. If the air vents are not obstructed, closed, or it is not the thermostat, then you may have a bigger problem.

Leaking Air Duct

Sometimes the air imbalance may be due to a major air duct leak. The air ducts will feed throughout the home. Each connection is sealed together. Sometimes the connecting joint will split or separate allowing the cool air to flow out through it. If the leak is bad enough the area of the home will not be fed the needed cool air and you will have air imbalance. You will need to seek air duct repairs to restore air balance to the home.

AC Unit is Undersized or Oversized

Another common problem to air imbalance is the wrong sized air conditioner. Many homeowners will fall into the trap that a bigger air conditioner unit is better. However, you never want an undersized or oversized air conditioner unit. An air conditioner is sized to the indoor cooling space of each home. If the air conditioner is too big, the cooling cycles are too short to allow the home to have proper air balance. If you were one of those homeowners that installed an oversized air conditioner unit, imbalanced temperature is one of the many problems you will need to live with or seek an air conditioner unit replacement.

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Air imbalance leaves the home temperature uncomfortable in both the summer and winter season. To have equalized air temperature you will need to restore air balance to the home. If you require aid in restoring air balance or other HVAC services, contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning today.