How to Humidify the Rooms in Your Las Vegas, NV Home; Steam Vaporizers, Console, Warm & Cool Mist Humidifers

Did you suffer last winter with the dry air in your home? You should think about getting a humidifier installed now before the weather gets too cold and we’re locked in for the winter. Dry skin, scratchy throats and lots of static electricity buildup in the home is can be caused by low humidity. When windows are closed up tight and the heat is turned on you reduce the humidity in your home. Humidifiers can increase the humidity air in a safe, water vapor form to make your home more comfortable and healthy.

Signs & Effects of Low Humidity on Health

Dry air can aggravate respiratory problems, drying out nasal passages and making you more prone to colds or the flu. Winter weather is often to blame for these symptoms but it can be caused by dry air in your home that can be due to dry air caused by artificial heating. Static electricity is a result of dry air and can cause shocks that can be quite painful and can damage electronics. Hardwood floors can be affected with low humidity levels and cause seams to separate. Houseplants will be affected and wallpaper can peel when the air become too dry. Proper humidity in your home will help with all these problems by adding moisture into the air.

Types of Humidifiers for Your Home

Purchase price, operating cost and maintenance costs should be considered before you decide on a humidifier.
Steam vaporizers – these use two electrodes to turn water into steam. The vapor leaves the unit and adds humidity to your home. Some steam vaporizers will also allow medication to be added. These electrodes will need to be cleaned according to the directions to prevent mineral deposits.
Warm mist humidifiers – these offer a warm and clean mist to be released using a heating system. This humidifier does tend to warm the room a bit and medication can be added to the warm mist humidifier. The mist is cooled enough before it exits the machine so there are no ricks of a burn. You will have to clean the heating element every once in a while, to prevent mineral deposits.
Cool mist humidifiers – these will operate in one of two ways. Impeller humidifiers use a rapidly-rotating disc to propel water through a screen, creating water vapor and evaporative humidifiers use a fan to move air through a filter or wick saturated with water. The air will become moist as the water in the filter evaporates, adding humidity to the air in the form of a cool, invisible mist. These filters also trap impurities and minerals form the water. Many people opt for cool mist humidifiers because unlike vaporizers and warm mist humidifiers, they don’t have a heating element inside.
Console humidifiers – these can be purchased to humidify the whole house. Refer to the recommended coverage provided by the manufacturer to figure out which unit will work for your home. They are larger and resemble a piece of furniture.

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