How to Dog Proof Central Air Conditioner Condenser & Keep Hair of Vents in Anthem, NV

If you have a dog in your family you know they are important. Most people love them and want to have them to enjoy for companionship as well as guarding a home. They are as much a part of the family as just about any other member. Although they are a great addition to a home and family they bring some challenges as well. They obviously can come with some accidents on the carpet as well as messes left when they chew your favorite pair of shoes. They also tend to shed and that means that they are leaving hair and dander around the house and on the surfaces as well. This will end up in the air and that can be bad for your health and the air quality in the house. They also can be a problem for some of the systems that you use in your house. One of the systems that take a hit when you have a dog is the HVAC system. You want to be able to cool your house down and to enjoy your home and that can be disrupted when you have a dog in the house. There are some things that you can do to protect your HVAC system when you have a dog or other pets.

Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning Outlines How to Stop Dog from Peeing on AC & Their Hair Out of Air Vents

Protect AC Unit from Dog: One of the things you might overlook is that the unit that is sitting outside usually on the ground is exposed. It is manufactured to stand up to rain, snow and heat but it cannot hold up against abuse. This means if you let your dog outside to enjoy the weather and they go over to the unit it can be a problem. The issue comes when you have a pet that is in the stage of chewing and biting things. The dog may end up over at the unit and start to chew through the wires and any other exposed areas. This will cause the unit to stop working all together and you will not enjoy the comfort of a cooled or heated house. Some dogs will also pee on the condenser unit. The acids in your dog’s urine are highly corrosive and can eat through your condenser’s coil and aluminium fins. You want to make sure that you prepare the yard for the dog by adding a cover or gate to stop the dog from getting over to the unit.
Keep Dog Hair Out of Air Conditioning Vents: The dogs that we all tend to love and bring into the house are covered in hair, fur and dander. This will end up in the air and by default will be circulated into the return air system. The air that is being sent to the return air passes through a filter. This filter has to be changed out and replaced on a regular basis. The problem starts to come when you have a dog and the filter will become dirty faster. You want to make sure you are changing out the filter sooner if you have a dog or even a cat in the house.
Air Duct Cleaning: Once the air has passed through the filter it goes through the air ducts. This is the path that the air goes whether it is cooled or heated. You want to make sure that you have your air ducts cleaned on a regular basis to ensure that the debris from your dog is not clogging up the path and creating a problem with your air quality.

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