How to Deal With Condensation on Your Summerlin, Las Vegas, NV Central Air Conditioning Unit

The time has come that people are using their air conditioning unit every day to keep their home at a temperature that is comfortable for the entire family. When you are in an area that has extreme heat you want to be sure that your unit is working as efficient as possible and producing the cool air that you want to keep the temperature. One of the ways that an air conditioning unit cools a home has to do with the humidity that is in the house. When it is hot out the general rule of thumb is there is more humidity. The humidity will make you feel even warmer and so your air conditioning unit will work to remove the humidity and bring it to a level that will leave you feeling much cooler. The humidity is moisture and that is what will cause condensation that can be a real pain to deal with this summer.

What Does Humidity Do & Where Does it Go?

The air conditioning unit cools the air and also removes the high levels of humidity from your home allowing you to have a much more comfortable temperature. When the humidity is removed, the moisture has to go somewhere. Most units are equipped with a tray that is used to collect the extra condensation. If you go look outside at your unit and notice that there is water and moisture around it or even on it you may have a problem with the condensation that is building up.

You Could have Ice Build-Up in the A/C Line

The refrigerant is what the unit is charged with that allows it to cool the air down. On occasion if the unit is overused or it has a problem with the pump it can start to back up and cause ice to build up in the line. If there is ice in the line it will not allow the condensation to flow out and drain and that will cause it to leak out at another location.

Air Conditioning Tubes Can Be Cracked Or Broken

If you have a unit that is several years old and you have not had it maintained by a professional air conditioning company your tubing can become dried out and broken. Water can then start to leak where the tube is broken. This can be replaced with a new tube and solve the issue for you.

Is Your Air Conditioner Condensate Pump Working?

Some units are outfitted with an external pump for condensation and if that pump gets unplugged or damaged the condensation will start to build up and leak out. This can be repaired or replaced if necessary.

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