How Often Should Your Central Air Conditioner Be Inspected, Tuned Up & Serviced in Las Vegas, NV?

Many homeowners’ underestimate the need to have their HVAC unit serviced. When you ask them the question as to how often should their HVAC unit be serviced, most people will answer about every five years. This is wrong. Just like any vehicle, that needs its oil changed every three months or very 3000 miles, your HVAC unit needs regular services as well. The correct answer to the question as to how often an HVAC unit needs servicing is about twice a year and the best time is in the spring, especially here in the hot deserts of Nevada. Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning will share the reasons why you should have your HVAC unit serviced and the benefits from doing it.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Checklist

Most homeowners can easily change filters and even clean the inside and outside coils. However, this does not fully cover the needs of the HVAC unit. Professional HVAC technicians will not only check the coils but their services will include:
• Fluid levels checked and added if necessary.
• The outdoor unit is cleaned out of all debris as will the pans.
• Indoor and out door coils are cleaned.
• They will inspect and evaluate the outdoor A/C unit’s fans and lubricate them.
• They will check all the wiring and electrical systems of the outside and inside units.
• They will inspect all of the major components separately to evaluate their condition and needs.
For more details, check out Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning’s list of HVAC services.

Benefits of Air Conditioning Tuneups

Optimal Air Conditioner Performance – One of the many benefits of having your entire HVAC unit serviced is to improve its efficiency. By having your HVAC unit serviced, it can improve your efficiency by 5% which may not seem like much but over the course of your unit’s life (and by regularly maintaining your unit) you will save energy usage greatly.
Minor AC Parts Repairs VS Major Replacement – Another benefit of having your HVAC unit serviced yearly is that a professional HVAC technician will be able to identify any malfunctioning part or part that may be wearing out and need replacing or repair. For those who schedule to have their HVAC serviced in the spring time they can prevent any major failure during those hot summer months. In so doing, you will stay cool all summer long. It also helps to regularly service the unit and evaluate it components and replace those that are wearing out as they fail. This can help you save money by replacing them as one part at a time. By running a unit with a faulty component this could lead to a full unit failure. It can cost thousands of dollars to replace a full HVAC unit or systems.

Air Conditioning Inspections, Emergency AC Repairs & More in the Las Vegas Valley, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning recommends every homeowner has their HVAC serviced twice yearly to maintain your unit’s efficiency and help save you more money. With southern Nevada heating up, and if you haven’t had your unit serviced yet, you may want to schedule your HVAC maintenance and services today. Here in the desert the summer season has the most intensive need for a smooth running HVAC unit. Now is the time to service your unit. Contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule your HVAC service today.