How Much to Replace Central AC Unit & Furnace in your Las Vegas NV Home? Call an Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning Contractor to Decide Between More Emergency Repairs or an Upgrade Replacement!

Your HVAC unit provides a great deal of luxury to you and your family and without it, you would be left feeling extremely uncomfortable within the walls of your home. Home owners are faced with a tough decision when it comes to either repairing their existing unit or purchasing an entirely new HVAC unit to keep their home comfortable. While a new air conditioning unit can be an expensive investment, repairs can also begin to add up quickly. It is important to be proactive in the care of your HVAC unit and have professional inspections performed on a regular basis by an experienced technician.

Age of Central Air Conditioning Unit

There are specific signs to look for when trying to decide whether or not to replace your air conditioning unit. One of the most common signs that will let home owners know when it is time to replace their unit is how old the unit is. The general rule of thumb is that if your unit is ten or more year old, it is probably ready to be replaced with a new unit. A well maintained air conditioning unit can last up to fifteen years, unfortunately most air conditioning units are not well maintained and require costly repairs before the fifteen year mark can be hit.

Air Conditioner with Low Seer Rating

Air conditioning units that are inefficient, have low seer ratings and are just not performing the way that they should be are ready to be replaced. Newly manufactured air conditioning units are required to have a seer rating of at least thirteen. If your air conditioning unit’s seer rating is below thirteen, you can cut back on your energy costs by replacing it with a new and more efficient air conditioning unit. If your unit has failed to run smoothly lately and you are facing costly repairs, consider replacing the old unit with a new one. In the long run, you will save money on repairs, and have a unit that is brand new and works well.

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When your home does not feel comfortable and your thermostat is not reaching the desired set temperature, then you know you’ve got an air conditioning problem on your hands. If you have a hard time keeping your home cool, your air conditioning unit is not working properly. This also may be the result of a unit that is not the correct size for your home. If you are experiencing air conditioning issues at home or at work, contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning today. Our technicians are skilled and experienced in both repairing an existing unit and replacing it with a brand new unit that will keep your home cool and comfortable.