How Much to Repair or Replace my Las Vegas Air Conditioner Unit?

Although summer is getting closer to its end, there are still plenty of warm days ahead of us before we crank the heaters on. Your air conditioning system is one of the more important aspects of your home, providing a great deal of comfort and a very welcomed escape from summer temperatures. A reliable air conditioning unit provides a home owner with peace of mind, not having to worry about costly repairs or uncomfortable break downs. Nothing can be more deflating than turning the air conditioning on and nothing happening. Walking into a home that should be cooled to a comfortable seventy seven degrees but instead it feels the same as the outside stifling heat is never fun.

Regular Air Conditioning Preventative Maintenance Schedule

While regular maintenance checkups are highly recommended to keep your air conditioning unit running smoothly through the summer and the rest of the year as well, some units may have hit their life expectancy. Unfortunately air conditioning systems were not built to last entire lifetimes. In fact, most experts suggest replacing your air conditioning system every ten years. After ten years of use, your air conditioning unit has suffered a great deal of wear and tear.

How to Install the Right Size Central Air Conditioner

Air conditioning units can encounter a plethora of problems that can stem from many different variables. In many cases, an air conditioning unit that was installed in a new home is the wrong size for that specific home. Installing the wrong size of air condition unit for a home can result in a great deal of issues. Home owners will end up over spending in energy costs, deal with constant repair needs and low quality air flow into their home. By replacing your air conditioning unit with the appropriate size and model, you will ensure that your home is receiving the best possible air flow, energy efficiency and comfort.

Professional Air Conditioning Repairs and Replacement in Summerlin, Las Vegas, Henderson & North Las Vegas

Your air conditioning units will most likely experience some type of hiccup throughout their lives, and if these issues are not properly taken care of then you may need to replace your unit before the ten year suggested mark. Air conditioning units experience anything from faulty wiring, low refrigerant, fan failure, exterior function failure or frozen coils. Bad wiring can prevent the system from getting power or can trip a power circuit. If a refrigerant leak is not properly repaired, more issues will arise within your system. Your air conditioning unit has many working parts that require constant care, and when they have done all they can, then it is time to replace your entire system. Contact Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning for the top quality air conditioning system service and replacement.