How Does Winter Affect Indoor Air Quality in North Las Vegas, NV; Improve with Air Duct Cleaning, Tune Up & More

The likelihood of you opening your windows for some fresh air are far out of sight as the weather continues to grow colder this winter. To avoid the cold temperatures, people generally find themselves staying indoors more often. To ensure the air your are frequently exposed to isn’t suffering, routine cleaning and maintenance habits in addition to installing some HVAC system aids to purify the air on a microscopic level can be more than beneficial. During the winter months especially, those inflicted with respiratory problems, such as allergies and asthma for example, might find more relief with improving the indoor air quality. Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning would like to share some options to help you avoid the winter suffering of poor indoor air.

How Can You Improve Indoor Air Quality

1) Disinfectant System with UV Light. By installing UV disinfection systems, the beneficial gain to the systems by installing them in strategic locations throughout your ductwork. Instead of merely capturing the airborne particles, the odors, germs, bacteria, toxic gases, and viruses are removed by using low-voltage UV light.
2) Periodic Cleaning HVAC Registers and Vents. Your HVAC system blows through the vents that will inevitably get dusty as all the air vents collect the filth. With a flexible duster and wand attachment on your vacuum will make this an easy and efficient task to remove the excessive amount of dust blowing through your home.
3) Ceiling Fan Blades Regular Cleaning. Keeping the ceiling fans clean is important because as they accumulate dust, they can circulate even more dust around your home. Make sure the ceiling fan’s blades turn clockwise to create an updraft by reversing your ceiling fan’s direction. Without sacrificing comfort, you can set the thermostat a couple degrees lower to help circulate the warm air throughout the room while the ceiling fan circulate warm air throughout the room.
4) Professional Air Duct Cleaning. Your home has places you can’t see and those are often the places that may be the worst places for dust to buildup. The ducts are a prime example, but with professional cleaning utilizing special vacuums and spray gentle disinfectants that can help keep your ducts cleaner for months to come, the indoor air can be dramatically improved.
5) Check and Replacement of Filters. Maintaining the filters is a year-round job, but especially in winter as pets and people is often staying inside more often. With the extra time spent at home, more hair and skin cells is being shed, making the debris accumulate all the faster on the filters. Check the filters every month and replace them as needed.
6) Set Thermostat Fan to “On”. You can give the air quality a boost when the fans are continually running, allowing the indoor air to be constantly filtered. However, though the quality of air will also increase the utility bills, but it adds extra wear to your HVAC system fan and increases the utility bills.
7) System Air Filtration. In the event you are ready to invest in your indoor air quality, professional installation of an air filtration system is a smart first step. These systems only compliment your existing HVAC system, by filtering out microscopic particles that may currently be flowing through your HVAC filters. In addition to increase the indoor air quality, the HVAC system is more efficient and lasts longer.

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