How Does an Air Conditioner Warranty Work & How Do You Protect in with AC Maintenance in North Las Vegas, NV?

When you replace the AC unit in your house, it is a big investment. It is also an appliance that can have issues as it works to keep your home cool around the clock. This is why so many people decide to invest in an AC warranty to help cover those costs. However, while it may help you sleep at night to know that you have a warranty on your AC unit, not all warranties are going to give you the same kind of coverage. You also need to make sure you are following all of the guidelines that keep your warranty valid. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning is here to talk about AC warranties and what you need to do to make sure you keep yours protected.

Advantages of an AC Warranty

If you live somewhere like Vegas, having a well working AC unit is more important than ever. The heat that you may be stuck in when your AC unit fails is no joke. You want to be prepared if anything were to happen to your AC unit. This is where a warranty can come into play. There are many working parts that make up your AC unit. Your AC warranty will cover them if any of them should fail for any reason. This can end up saving you big time if you are dealing with a large problem that will be costly to repair.

What Do AC Warranties Cover?

Like mentioned above, not all warranties are going to look the same. Here are some of the things that you should look for in a warranty that is worth buying.
– Duration of AC Warranty: Make sure you know how long the warranty lasts. Some will last much longer than others.
– AC Warranty Fees: Some warranties will come with processing fees. If these fees are too high, it can offset the savings that you are getting by facing these potentially high fees.
– AC Warranty Coverage: You should obviously be concerned about what the warranty is going to cover for you. You should know if the warranty is going to cover the labor and the equipment or just one.

How to Protect Your Air Conditioner Warranty

It may seem overwhelming to think about reading all of those papers that make up your warranty. However, inside them will be the instructions on how to protect your warranty. Here are some of the most common warranty conditions.
– You must register your unit
– Regular maintenance must be documented
– Installation must be done properly
– You must keep your receipt and proof of purchase
– All parts used on the unit must be approved

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