How Does an Air Conditioner Heat Pump Work in Las Vegas Nevada

You need a heat pump for air conditioning. That might sound ridiculous, but that statement is very true. When you picture the function of an air conditioning unit, the thought is that it is producing cool air to keep the house at that perfect temperature that the natural warm, or even hot, air outdoors is trying to ruin. Actually your air conditioners job is to remove the heat from the air. Refrigerant is a special chemical blend that swooshes and cycles its way through your unit absorbing the warm air, and pushing it outside.

How Does an Air Conditioner Work?

We know typically the average person doesn’t sit around wondering how all our gadgets work to keep our homes functioning. So Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning are going to give you a brief lesson on the air conditioner. As we mentioned before, the air conditioner unit removes heat from the air inside the home leaving you with that comfortable temperature you set on your thermostat. To do that is quite an impressive and complicated task. Here’s the break down for what is happening in the most basic way possible. Air conditioning simply takes the heat out of your home, (as mentioned before), and moves it out. There are a number of components that make these luxurious units function, and to really know them all would give anyone a headache. For now, we will just go over the four major components.

Evaporator coil – sometimes known as the “A-coil” due to its shape is the piece that mounts inside the furnace duct. The coils purpose is to transfer heat from the air in your home to the refrigerant. The furnace blower steps into action moving the air across the evaporator coil and the fins pick the heat from the air and conduct it to the refrigerant.

Refrigerant – more commonly referred to as Freon, or Puron, is a gas that stores and then transports the heat energy. This important chemical travels through the evaporator, collecting the heat from the air. It takes it through the line set to the condenser outside where it is rejected to the outdoor air.

Line set – a copper tube that runs from the furnace to the condenser outside and is the pipeline the refrigerant travels. A larger pipe insulates the line set along with a chemical, armaflex, to keep the condensation under control.

Condensing unit – the big hunk of metal kept outside. It serves to reject the heat from the refrigerant cooling it back down to its liquid state so that it can travel back to the evaporator coil to collect more heat from the home. The condensing unit is the core of your air conditioning unit and generally requires the most maintenance.

Benefits of a Heat Pump

Now why should you be lusting for a heat pump? The benefits are amazing. Heat pumps top the list for most efficient heating and cooling. Their special innovative engineering allows you to keep your home comfortable year round. Not only that but they greatly reduce the amount of energy you consume. Heat pumps serve to transfer heat, but rather than consuming fuel to produce heat or cool your home, they transfer existing heat in or out of your home to keep it comfortable. Only a small amount of electricity is needed making this product affordable and efficient.

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