How Does a Furnace Fan Limit Switch Work in Henderson, NV? How Do You Know if it’s Bad & How to Prevent Failure?

A furnace has many components that come together to provide the home with an efficient and safe heating system. As a furnace has many components, each is designed to perform a specific task or function. When one component fails, often the entire heating system will fail as well. One component that is very small yet has a big job is the fan limit switch. The fan limit switch has two major tasks. One is to determine when to run the blower assembly and when to turn it off. The second task is to determine if the furnace is overheating and will shut down the heating system as a safety measure. Today, Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning would like to share more about a fan limit switch, what happens when they fail, and what needs to be done when problems develop.

How Does a Fan Limit Switch Work?

A fan limit switch consists of a few different components. One of the first components is the on and off switch for the blower fan. The next component is the temperature sensor which will determine when to activate the switch. There is also the control which is the middle man that sets between the switch and the temperature sensor. Another component is the high limit setting which will turn off the burners or heating source when there are dangerous temperatures detected. The very last component is the fan’s manual on switch which will keep the blower fan running constantly. As all of the components work together, the fan limit switch will tell the blower to start when after the furnace has created enough warm air. The fan limit switch will turn the blower on at the right time. The blower will then circulate the warm air through the air ducts, warming the home.

How Do You Know if a Fan Limit Switch is Bad?

When the limit fan switch develops a problem, the furnace will create heat, but often will not trigger the blower to turn on. Sometimes the limit fan switch can become stuck and force the blower to run constantly. One of the dangers of the blower failing is the furnace will continue to create more and more heat. For a gas furnace, this is particularly dangerous as the furnace will burn more and more gas which increases the temperature to unsafe conditions. This can potentially lead to a fire and even an explosion.

How to Prevent Fan Limit Switch Failures

It is very important to identify when the fan limit switch isn’t working properly. The major signs of a fan limit switch failure is when the fan runs constantly or sometimes not at all. The fan limit switch and its many components can become dirty or wear down. It is not uncommon for a fan limit switch to be replaced during the lifetime of a furnace. To prevent total failure, maintenance is key. With proper maintenance the fan limit switch can be cleaned and monitored to ensure it is functioning properly. If the fan limit switch appears to be pretty worn down, it can be replaced before total failure to ensure your furnace continues to run throughout the entire winter season.

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