How Does a Central Air Conditioning System Work & How Long Should an AC Unit Last in Eldorado, NV?

Thinking of upgrading to a new HVAC system? Over the years whole home heating and cooling systems have literally changed how the American populous lives and works. Central air conditioning is convenient, quiet, comfortable, cost effective, and will keep your home cool in the summer months and warm in the cooler weather. Yet according to the knowledgeable experts at Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning many homeowners are unaware of how their HVAC system functions.

How Long Should a Central Air Conditioner Last?

Your central air conditioning unit is a complicated piece of equipment that requires professional inspection, service, repair, and installation. Your experienced Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning technician can maintain your current system and help you select and install a new upgraded system when you are ready. Most HVAC systems are designed to last approximately 10 years but with regular maintenance, your systems can last for as long as 15 years before it needs to be replaced.

When Should You Replace Your AC Unit?

If you system is 15 or more years old, you may want to think about replacing the unit especially if the components are becoming harder to find and more expensive to replace. For example if the evaporator coil or compressor goes bad, you may want to consider replacing the entire unit inside and out.

Air Ducts

In layman terms, your cooling system is designed to pull the hot air out of your home with a refrigerant that circulates between your condenser and your air handler. Your supply ducts distribute the cool air from the air handler into the rooms within your home. In turn, your return ducts carry the warm air back to your air handler to be filtered and cooled down. The system hinges on a network of correctly sized ducts to deliver the conditioned air quietly and evenly throughout your home.

HVAC Registers

Every room in your home should be equipped with two grilles; one will be connected to your supply duct while the other is connected to your return. In most cases, your supply register will be located near the ceiling, and your return registers will be located near the floor.

Air Handler

Your air handler is located inside your home and has an expansion value that is designed to turn your refrigerant into a cold liquid which then flows through your evaporator coils. Your blower then pushes the air over your coils before warming the refrigerant into a gas which flows back to the condenser.

Air Conditioner Condenser

Your condenser is located outside your home and moves the warmed refrigerant (gas) from the home and pressurizes it with a compressor where it condenses it back into a liquid so your fan can cool the coils.

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