How Do You Troubleshoot an AC Problem in Tuscany Village, NV when Air Conditioner is Not Cooling & More

As we head into the time of year that we rely on our AC systems the most, you want to be sure yours is up to the task. Since your AC unit is one of the biggest appliances in your home with several working parts, there are many things that can wrong that keep it from cooling your home. As a homeowner, you need to know how to troubleshoot some of these more common problems so that you can get it up and running if at all possible. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning is here to share some troubleshooting tips for some of the most common air conditioning issues homeowners run into.

What Would Cause an AC Unit to Not Turn On?

There are a few reasons why you may not be able to get your AC unit to turn on. More than likely you have a tripped a circuit, don’t have your thermostat set right or are dealing with an internal switch that is off. Following are some troubleshooting measures you can take.
– Tripped Breaker: Go to your circuit breaker and make sure there isn’t a fuse that has been blown by looking at all the switches to see if there is one that is in the off position or between the off and on position. If there is, go ahead and reset your fuse by switching it off and then on again.
– Thermostat: Sometimes, you may think you had turned on the AC, only to find that when you check the thermostat it is actually in the off position or set to heat rather than cool.
– Internal Switches: You should inspect your unit to ensure all the switches in and around it are in the “on” position. This includes the external safety switch that you will usually find near the condensing unit.

Why is My Air Conditioner Running But Not Cooling the House?

When you hear your AC turn on but the air that is coming out of the vents doesn’t feel cold, there are a few things that could be going on. One of them happens to be low refrigerant levels. You could also have a blockage somewhere that is causing reduced airflow.
– Blocked AC Condenser: Check the condenser and make sure there isn’t a blockage somewhere there or to check and see if it’s dirty. Give it a good cleaning and see what happens.
– Dirty Air Filter: If it has been a long time since you last replaced your HVAC filter, it may be restricting airflow because it is dirty and needs to be replaced.
– Refrigerant Leak: Check to make sure there isn’t any sign of a refrigerant leak that would leave you with low refrigerant levels.

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If you have issues with your AC system and your troubleshooting isn’t working, it’s time to call on the pros at Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning to come and check things out. We will make sure your AC is working properly so you stay cool no matter how hot it is outside. Call us today!