How Do You Measure & Improve the Performance of Your AC Unit in Sunrise Manor, NV? Repair or Replacement?

Have you ever wondered how good your AC is working? Is it working really well or is it starting to go out? If it is starting to go out how bad is it and what do you do? Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning is going to help you understand where your AC is at by letter grades and describes what each letter grade means. This can really help break down and help you understand where your AC stands.

Checking & Evaluation AC Performance

A – Perfect – This is where you want your AC it be. This means your AC is doing really well with no repairs needed. You don’t have any hot or cold spots blowing in your house. Your AC is running smoothly throughout the house. You do not have a high energy bill which is awesome. Most of the time when you have the perfect AC it’s when you have a newly installed AC or a very well-maintained unit. When all of this is put together that is when you achieve this grade.

B – Almost Perfect – When you get a B – an almost perfect, your AC is still doing pretty good. Your AC runs smoothly with only one or two problems. When you have those few problems having a professional coming and do an AC tune-up can detect any minor issues. This will help prevent future problems from developing and help your AC run great again.

C- Satisfactory – When you get a C-satisfactory on your AC this means your AC is keeping your home cool, but it might be running your energy bill a little high now. It might also be making strange noises that it hasn’t done in the past. If your AC is over 10 years, you might want to look into replacing it. If it’s younger than that, a tune-up and/or repairs can help it run more efficiently.

D – Unsatisfactory – If you feel like your AC is barely cooling down your house. Your energy bills are through the roof and your AC is always suffering constant breakdowns. This is a D-unsatisfactory, you do not want your AC to get to this point. If it is you should replace it with a more energy-efficient and reliable unit ASAP.

F – Breakdown – You never want to get an F in school and you don’t want your AC to have an F-breakdown either. This means, that when you turn on your AC, nothing happens. This is typical for an AC that has reached its age limit or broken down entirely. This definitely means a replacement is in order!

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What kind of AC do you have? If you have a D or an F grade, you definitely want to look into a new AC. Help your home and your bills become better and easier to live with. If you need AC repairs or a new AC, give Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning a call and we will gladly come and see where your AC is at and help in any way they can.