How Do You Inspect an Air Conditioner in Peccole Ranch, NV? Check Condenser, Evaporator Coil & More

Having a home comfortable while enduring the excessive heat levels of summer is critical for many people all over the country, but especially for the locals living in the Las Vegas, NV Desert. People need to invest in routine HVAC maintenance services in order to maintain these comforts, however. The primary maintenance services available include tune-ups and inspections. With this in mind, we at Air Supply Air Conditioning & Heating would like to help you have a basic understanding of inspection services.

Checklist of an HVAC Inspection

Once an issue in the HVAC system develops, the comfort of your home is often the first thing to be compromised. However, if you can detect some early warning signs, you can avoid these unpleasant experiences. HVAC is an acronym for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning, as most people know. You can better find a trustworthy HVAC company, know what questions to ask, be more informed concerning HVAC repairs or HVAC replacements, give you an idea what HVAC technician does inside and outside the home, as well as prepare you for exceptional maintenance and preventative care.

HVAC Inspection Expectation

Through the HVAC inspection, the next steps you take are determined. To make a repair or get an HVAC quote to replace your system, you can get on the schedule for a service call according to any issues that might be present. Typically, your expert technician, no matter the make or model of HVAC system you have, the inspection includes the listed tasks below.
1) The condenser, evaporator coil, electrical parts, air handler or furnace, and compressor are all evaluated.
2) System test of surge protectors and fail safes as well as all of the safety equipment.
3) The blower motor is assessed.
4) Check on condensate drain and drip pans.
5) Refrigerant levels are confirmed.
6) The equipment’s condition is evaluated.
7) Ensure there is proper airflow.
8) Inspect the air filters.
9) Performance is tested and evaluated.
10) A comprehensive diagnostic report is written that includes all findings and recommendations.
11) Look for signs of pest infestations.
12) Thermostat testing.
Testing the systems performance, inspecting the basics and look for any concerns that can cause problems is the ultimate goal. This offers you an understanding of what you need to know and do in the immediate future and down the line. You can repair or replace the recommended equipment or parts and consider incorporating any recommended accessories to maximize the health and comfort of your home or business after the inspection.

Upgrade HVAC System

Depending on the condition of your current HVAC unit, it is possible to upgrade your equipment with any of the following accessories.
– Leak prevention
– Air purifiers and extra filtration
– WiFi or other smart thermostats
– Surge protectors
If you have an older model system that is running with discontinued refrigerant like Freon, you will need to upgrade the systems in the not too distant future. Similarly, to vehicles or tech devices, if it costs more to repair than replace, it’s time to replace. Ideally, homeowners and businesses should schedule an inspection to prepare the unit for dormancy and then schedule their AC tune-up at the start of the season, and when we come to the end of the warm weather.

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