How Do You Diagnose Furnace Blower Motor Failure in Henderson, NV? Check Thermostat, Filters, Breaker & More

When your furnace isn’t producing warm air and you cannot feel a breeze coming from your air vents, your blower may have failed. The blower or its motor will blow the warm air through the air ducts and into the home. When there is no air or weak air flow coming from the air vents, most likely your blower has developed a problem. In some cases the problem may be due to a simple problem that you can fix yourself. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning will walk you through the steps on how to troubleshoot your furnace’s blower and when it is time to seek an HVAC repair service.

How Do You Know if Your Furnace Blower Motor is Bad?

Step 1. Check the Thermostat – Before calling out an HVAC technician, check your thermostat. Double check the thermostat’s setting. Make sure it is setting on Heat and on Auto. Next double check the temperature settings. Sometimes the thermostat setting has been messed with or is set wrong.
Step 2. Check Filters and Vents – The blower motor may have overheated and shut off. Overheating is most often due to a dirty air filter or a closed or blocked air vent. To avoid any unnecessary stress you want to have good air flow and circulation. If the blower overheated, you will want to change out your air filters and make sure the vents are fully opened and not being obstructed.
Step 3. Check Furnace Breaker – If the blower did over heat, the breaker to the furnace may have tripped. However, the furnace also has some internal safety systems that also shuts of the blower if it has overheated. Reset the breaker and wait awhile for the blower motor to cool down. If the furnace has yet to begin to produce warm air, you most likely have a bigger problem that will require an HVAC repair service.

How Do You Fix a Bad Furnace Blower Motor?

If you were unable to get your furnace producing warm air, it is time to have an HVAC technician inspect your furnace. When a technician comes to determine why your blower has failed, they will often start by inspecting the wiring and other electrical components. Sometimes the wiring has been damaged or the capacitor has failed. Sometimes a capacitor may just need to be cleaned. However they do wear out and fail. Without the capacitor, the blower’s motor will not receive power. Luckily, a capacitor cleaning or replacement is fast and is not too expensive. If the electrical system is working properly, the technician will check the blower motor’s belt. If you have a belt driven motor, often the belt can become loose, slip off or break. If your motor’s belt is the problem, then most likely you will need to have the belt replaced. Worst case scenario is that the blower’s motor has completely failed. It is common for an older furnace to have its blower motor fail. The motor can overheat and burn out or develop internal damages. When your motor dies, you will need to have it replaced.

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