How Do You Diagnose a Heat Pump Problem in North Las Vegas, NV when Not Working Properly?

A heat pump is a single HVAC unit that cools and heats the home. For those who have a heat pump unit you will want to ensure you have the unit maintained like any other HVAC system. If you neglect a heat pump or as a heat pump ages, the unit will eventually develop some problems and will require repair. For those who have a heat pump system, Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning will share some of the common problems that can occur in a heating pump.

Heat Pump Not Working

A heat pump may not start or run for a few different reasons. One of the first common reasons why a heat pump will not start up or run may be due to the thermostat. First check the thermostat’s setting to rule out the thermostat as the possible source of the problem. In some cases the thermostat may be malfunctioning and will need to be replaced. Another common problem is when the heat pump is not receiving any power. Check the heat pump’s power socket and make sure it is switched to the on position. If this isn’t the problem then see if the heat pump’s circuit breaker has been tripped. You may need to reset the breaker and see if the unit receives power. If the heat pump still isn’t running then contact an HVAC service.

Heat Pump Not Cooling or Heating Properly

When the heat pump isn’t properly cooling or heating the home as it should, first check the thermostat and make sure the setting and temperature is set correctly. Next check all of the vent covers and make sure they are fully open and are not blocked. If the thermostat and vents are all in order, the next reason why a heat pump might not be cooling or heating effectively is when the coils are dirty. The fan may also be dirty or the auxiliary heating element may need to be replaced. The heat pump needs to be kept cleaned and maintained to ensure efficiency in your cooling and heating.

Failing Heat Pump Blower Motor

If the heat pump isn’t producing a strong current or there is no air flow, the heat pump may have developed a problem with the blower. The blower may need to be cleaned or the blower belt may need to be replaced. The blower uses a belt to rotate the fan that circulates the air throughout the home.

Heat Pump Making a Rattling Noise

A heat pump can develop some odd noises that can point to a number of different problems. If the heat pump develops a rattling noise, often this points to a loose part. A squeaking noise is much worse! A squeaking noise points to a component failure. Rattling is a much more simple fix as the loose parts needs to be tightened back down. The squeaking component will need to be identified and repaired or replaced.

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If you have a heat pump that develops any of these common problems, or you need a quality HVAC service, contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning today.