How Do You Diagnose a Bad Furnace Ignitor in Henderson, NV? Cold Air & More

During the winter season we depend on our heating system to keep us warm and comfortable. When the furnace appears that it is not starting or is having a problem starting, you may have a faulty ignitor. A furnace relies on the ignitor to begin a heating cycle. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning would like to share signs or symptoms of a faulty ignitor and what to do when your furnace is failing to start up.

How a Furnace Ignitor Works

Older furnaces have a pilot light as part of the startup heating system. Newer furnace models have a different type of startup system known as a furnace ignitor. There is no longer an open flame and pilot light system in newer furnaces. When the furnace begins a heating cycle, you may hear a “click.” This is the ignitor. The ignitor creates a spark that ignites the gas which begins the heating process. There is another type of ignitor. It doesn’t create a spark, instead the ignitor heats up the surface of a hot plate that lights the gas. Regardless as to which type of ignitor you have, signs and symptoms of a faulty ignitor is fairly similar.

Symptoms of a Faulty Furnace Ignitor

There are a number of different signs or symptoms of a faulty ignitor. It is common for an ignitor to wear down and need to be replaced. If you begin to have signs of a failed ignitor, you will probably need to have the ignitor replaced. Here are some of the common signs of a faulty or failing ignitor.
Cold Air from Furnace – If the furnace fails to ignite, the furnace may continue the heating cycle. However, the result is blowing cold air through the air vents. When you can feel cold air from your furnace, something has gone wrong during the heating process. Most often the ignitor is to blame. However it may take a bit of investigating to fully determine if the ignitor is the reason why your furnace isn’t creating heat.
Furnace Won’t Start – Another sign that you may be having issues with your ignitor, is when the furnace will not come on. When your furnace fails to turn on, check the thermostat first and make sure all of the settings are correct. Afterward, check the furnace’s breaker and make sure the breaker did not trip. If the thermostat and the breaker is not at fault, the problem will be within the furnace. If the ignitor is having a power supply problem, the ignitor electrical system will need to be checked and potentially repaired.
Furnace Stops Blowing Air – If your furnace was blowing air through the air ducts and then suddenly stopped, this may be another sign your ignitor is failing. However, just to rule out other potential problems, if your furnace has stopped blowing air, check the air filter. Change them out if they are dirty. Dirty air filters can cause the furnace to overheat and suddenly stop running as well. However, if the air filters are clean, your ignitor may have just failed.

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