How Do You Cool & Heat a Multilevel House in Lone Mountain Village, NV? HVAC Maintenance & More

You may notice uneven cooling or heating throughout the house if in the event you live in a multi-story home. With the way your HVAC unit is set up or running, a temperature discrepancy between the floors of your home likely indicates an issue. For multi-story cooling, there are a few ways to optimize your home. In order to help you cool your multi-story home efficiently, we at Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning would like to offer some tips to better cool your multi-story home.

Run Ceiling Fans with Central Air

Your upstairs temperature tends to be warmer than downstairs since heat tends to rise. To help mitigate the heat and keep room temperature levels comfortable, try using ceiling fans in the upper rooms. Ceiling fans let you raise your thermostat setting by about 4°F without reducing comfort, according to the Department of Energy. Since you are using less of the HVAC system’s energy, the ceiling fans can also keep your HVAC system running longer. Reversing the direction of your blade rotation is recommended. The air circulation is improved and helps to keep comfortable room temperatures, the blades will help to force the air down in the winter and up in the summer.

Why Would a House have Two Thermostats?

With a lot more accuracy than in the past, thermostats have become a lot smarter and can detect the room temperature. It will automatically run until the temperature in the room matches the temperature set on your thermostat set your thermostat to the auto setting. The temperature in the house is different than the thermostat temperature, the automatic feature will then turn off the air until it detects. You may need to have a thermostat upstairs and one downstairs for multi-level homes. Having two different thermostats will help to keep the temperature more even since thermostats usually gauge the temperature based on the room that they are in. To help circulate the air throughout your home, you can also use your thermostat to turn your fan. In order to help with energy efficiency, have the fan run helps to regulate the temperature and helps your system run less.

Routine HVAC Maintenance

In addition to extending the life of your system, having your HVAC system regularly maintained helps also helps with uneven room temperatures in multi-level homes. Also, routine maintenance helps with the energy efficiency of your HVAC system and save money.

Choose the Right HVAC System Size & Zoning System

The size and type of your HVAC system can affect regulating the temperature even in a single-story home. Keeping your upstairs too hot or too cold if your system is too small, the air circulation may not fully reach the upper floor of your home. Also, where you could control various sections of your home, you might want to consider other options, such as an HVAC zoning system in a multi-story home. When you can close off rooms that you use less frequently, zoning systems can be helpful and more energy efficient. An HVAC professional can help determine the right size and system for your home since there are other types of systems that might work better for you.

Enough Insulation

The type of insulation in your home or if you have any at all is one other thing that can affect whether your home is able to stay at the temperature that you’ve set. Hot or cold air could be escaping through the roof or the walls without adequate insulation. Do the touch test if you’re worried that your insulation is the culprit. Your inner walls and ceilings should feel dry and warm. There is not enough insulation if they feel cold or damp.

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