How Do I Prepare My HVAC for Fall in Whitney, NV? Clear Outside AC Unit, Clean Air Vents & More

Living in Las Vegas, our fall season might start later than other places. We might not have every tree turning beautiful colors and losing leaves. But it still starts to get colder in the later fall months. Eventually, some trees will start changing colors and lose their leaves. When this starts to happen you want to be prepared and have your HVAC work properly when you turn it on. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning wants to help give you a few fall tips that you should do with your HVAC.

Clean Outside AC Unit

You should always make sure that your outdoor unit is clean. If it has dirt and debris around it, then it can cause problems with your unit working correctly. The unit needs to have a clear, clean space to work properly. If you have those fall leaves that have fallen off the trees around your unit. Or you need to do some cutting back because plants and bushes have overgrown over the hot summer months. Then start cleaning it so there will not be problems with your unit in the months that you need it to work.

Air Vents Need Cleaning

Over the summer there’s a lot of dirt that can get into your house. Once it gets into your house it can get right into your vents. To help your HVAC work properly it needs a cleaning. Fall is a great time to get your vents or air ducts cleaned because the air is cooler and you are going to start turning on your heat.

Change or Clean Air Filters

Just like the dirt throughout the summer can get into your vents it will also go and get into your air filters. Your filters are great at collecting dust, allergens, and debris that get into your home. Your air filters help stop it from getting into your HVAC. During the Fall months is a great time to clean and switch out your air filters. Make sure everything is clean from the summer months before you turn on the heat for the winter months.

Turn on the Heater in Your House Before You Need it?

A great idea would be to turn your heater on and make sure that it works before it gets too cold. Fall is a great time to test and make sure your heater is still working. The weather outside is beautiful. Open your windows and test your heater to ensure that it works properly. This way you don’t get caught on a cold day or night needing heat and you do not have your heater working. If it is not working properly call a professional to come to check it out and fix it before the cold actually hits.

Are You Hearing Loud AC Noises?

Your air conditioning or heater should not make any loud noises such as banging, clinging, or squealing. If you notice that your air conditioning or heater is making these noises call a professional to come to check it out. It is better to have it checked out early to make sure everything is working than to have something go wrong and you have to spend more money to replace it.

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