How Do I Maintain My Home Central Air Conditioner in North Las Vegas, NV? Change Air Filters & More

As a homeowner there are certain tasks you should take to help improve the health of your HVAC system. An air conditioner and the heating system benefits from proper maintenance in many different ways. For one, they tend to be much more energy efficient. They also tend to require less repair. With proper maintenance you can extend the life of your HVAC system. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning would like to share the role the homeowner should take in maintaining their HVAC system.

Change Air Filters

The homeowner has a major role in the care and upkeep of their air conditioner. There are certain maintenance procedures that a homeowner should and can perform. With the combined effort of the homeowner and the services of an HVAC technician, your air conditioner can run efficiently and you will extend the life of the air conditioner. When maintaining the air conditioner one routine maintenance procedure the homeowner must do is change out the air filters. Air filters should be checked once a month and changed out when needed. Depending on the home’s environment, air filters on average will need to be changed out between one to three months.

Keep Air Vents Clean & Open

When it comes to the interior of the home, the homeowner should make sure all of the air vents are fully opened and are clean. If any of the air vents are closed or are partially closed, the lack of air flow can cause strain on the air conditioner. Dirt around the air filter causes poor air quality which is causing your air filters to clog up faster. To prevent stressing out your air conditioner, which effects the longevity and efficiency of the air conditioner, maintain the filters and open all vents.

AC Condenser Should Be Clean & Have Clearance Around Unit

The air conditioner sits outside the home and therefore you must protect your air conditioner unit from the elements. The unit outside must be kept clean and the perimeter cleared of plants and debris. The unit outside has small openings where debris can get inside and damage the unit. Plants can restrict air which again causes stress. To ensure your air conditioning system can operate without added stress, you will want to ensure the unit is cleaned. It is recommended to check the outdoor unit at least once a month to make sure it is clean. If you want to take a step further in protecting and aiding your outdoor unit, consider installing a shade structure to stand over it. The air conditioner, while running a cycle, uses some of its own cool air to prevent the air conditioner from overheating. By providing a bit of shade you can reduce heat from the sun baking your outdoor unit.

Schedule Professional AC Tune Up

After preforming these basic tasks it is also recommended that the homeowner schedule a professional tune-up of your air conditioner and heating system. It is often encouraged that you have the air conditioning system tuned-up in the spring. This way the air conditioner is ready for the upcoming summer season. The heating system should be tuned-up in fall, just before winter. Your HVAC system should receive professional tune-up twice a year.

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With proper maintenance and with professional tune-ups your HVAC system will run smoothly, require less repair, last longer, and run more efficiently. For quality HVAC services, contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning today.