How Do I Know if My Heat Pump Needs Repair in Summerlin, NV? Age, High Bill, Not Heating Enough & More

Are you having HVAC problems? When you are constantly running your HVAC throughout the year things can start to break down. What are some of the signs that you need a heat pump repair? Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning knows a lot when it comes to problems with your heat pump. So, let’s talk about the signs you might see when your heat pump needs repair.

Age of Your Heat Pump

Heat pumps do not last forever. If you have noticed that your heat pump is not heating and cooling your home like it is used to, then you might want to look into how old it is. A heat pump can last about 15 years so if it is older than that, then it might be time for you to start looking for getting a replacement.

Heat Pump Making a Loud Noise

Your heat pump should not be making a lot of noise. If you are noticing that there is any rattling, groaning, or any sound that has not been there before that is not a good sign. It is a good idea to call a professional to come to take a look at your heat pump. The noise will not go away and it is not something that you want to ignore. Call a professional to come and fix it, this will help it run smoother and be a lot quieter.

High Heat Pump Bill

If you have noticed that your energy bills have gone up without you changing the way you are using power, then you need to call a professional to come to take a look. You should not be getting a drastic increase in a short amount of time with your energy bills. If you have, that means something is wrong and it could be that your heat pump needs to be repaired.

Short Cycling Heat Pump

Short cycling is when your HVAC will turn on and off without reaching the desired temperature that you have set. When this happens, it could be a problem with your heat pump. This could be because dirt has stopped the air from flowing through the system. It could be a refrigerant leak or a problem with your thermostat. If your system is short cycling call a professional to come to check it out and make the repairs that need to be done.

Heat Pump Not Heating Enough

Heat pumps are supposed to generate airflow but when it reduces the amount of heat it might need to be fixed. It could be a problem with your thermostat that is set wrong. But it could also mean something bigger is going on. Call in a professional to come to check it out. This will help get your home heating like it’s supposed to.

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If the HVAC in your home is having any of these issues then you need to call a professional to come to check it out. Experts like Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning have a lot of knowledge when it comes to fixing your heat pump.