How Do I Know if My Furnace Limit Switch is Bad in North Las Vegas, NV?

Heating systems have evolved over time and are now full of a number of different features. Some features are designed to make the furnace more efficient while others help to make a furnace safer. One component that aids in making a furnace safer is the limit switch. A limit switch is designed to maintain and monitor the furnace’s internal temperature. When you have a bad limit switch, it can have a major effect on the furnace. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning will share how a limit switch works and how to determine if your furnace has a bad limit switch.

How Does a Limit Switch Work?

A furnace’s burners will need time to heat up to reach the needed temperature that heats the air that will then be circulated into your home. The limit switch measures the temperature of the heated air, and once it is hot enough, the limit switch will signal that it is safe to distribute the air. Along with monitoring the internal temperature of the furnace, other factors will come into play. If the temperature gets too hot, the limit switch will shut down the burner and turn on the blower to cool down the furnace. The limit switch plays a major role in the operations and safety system of a furnace. When a limit switch fails to operate, the furnace will not make any heat for the home.

How to Identify & Diagnose a Bad Limit Switch

A furnace’s limit switch unfortunately will not last forever and it can develop problems over time. Certain issues with the furnace can cause problems for the limit switch such as when there is air flow issues within the furnace itself. Another common problem that affects the limit switch is a dirty air filter. However, a dirty filter can also lead to issues with the limit switch. You can extend the life of the limit switch with regular maintenance and tune-up of the furnace and by keeping the air filters clean. When the furnace limit switch goes bad it will show some signs that can help alert the homeowner to the problem. Some of the common signs of a failed limit switch are:
• The furnace blower stays on or runs for long periods of time.
• The furnace is producing and blowing cool air.
• The furnace is short cycling.

What to Do About a Bad Limit Switch

When you have one or all three of these signs, most likely your limit switch will need to be replaced. A limit switch is an electrical component that isn’t too costly of a repair. However, to ensure a proper diagnosis of a bad limit switch you will want to contact an HVAC service. To make sure you get the proper limit switch for your furnace, you will want to have an HVAC technician get the right part for your furnace.

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A limit switch is a small but major component of the heating system. When you believe you have a bad limit switch or your heating system is having a problem, contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning and schedule our quality HVAC services today.