How Do I Know if My Furnace Gas Valve is Bad in Spring Valley, NV? How Does it Work & More

A furnace gas valve is a much more complex component than what many people may think. Not only is a gas valve complex, but it is also an essential part of the furnace. When the gas valve develops a problem, the furnace will have a hard time starting a heating cycle. When the furnace gas valve fails. you may be without heat. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning will share what the gas valve does, how it works, and how to troubleshoot the gas valve if it fails.

What is a Furnace Gas Valve?

A furnace gas valve is part of the fuel system. A furnace gas valve opens and closes which provides fuel or cuts off the fuel to the burner or pilot light. When most people they think of the gas valve, they probably think of a valve that you turn open and close by hand. However, in a furnace, the gas valve works automatically or independently using signals to tell the component to open or close the valve to control when to provide fuel to the furnace.

How Does a Furnace Gas Valve Work?

A gas furnace uses a gas valve to provide and control the flow of fuel to the heating system. The gas valve component has two different types of valves. There is the primary valve which is also known as the safety valve, and the other is called the second valve or main valve. The primary valve supplies the gas to the pilot light and the second valve provides gas to the burner trays. Both valves use electromagnets to operate. The primary or safety valve uses a thermocouple to generate power that will hold the valve open. When there isn’t enough heat, the thermocouple will close the valve. When the primary valve closes, it will cut off fuel to the pilot light. The other valve is the main valve and is powered by a 24VAC transformer. The main valve allows gas to fuel the burner trays. The fuel travels from the pilot light through the main valve and into the burner trays. Inside the gas valve component there are other safety controls which can help detect problems. If a problem is detected the circuit will be interrupted, shutting off power to the gas supply valve. However, the basic function of the furnace gas valve, as the thermostat calls for heat, the gas valve will open and then close.

Troubleshooting Furnace Gas Valve Problems

If the furnace gas valve isn’t working properly, there a few steps you can check to see if you can get the furnace working again. The first step is to see if the pilot light is on. If it isn’t, try to relight the pilot light. Follow the manufacturer’s relighting instructions. Wait a few minutes and see if the pilot light stays on. If there isn’t enough fuel due to a problematic gas valve, you will know that your gas valve is having a problem. When the gas valve develops a problem, the pilot light will not stay lit.

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