How Do I Know if My Furnace Blower Motor is Bad in Winchester, NV? Poor Air Flow, Overheating & More

A furnace’s blower does a lot of work. It blows all of the warm air throughout the entire home. The blower is one of the most worked components of the furnace. It comes then as no surprise that the blower and its motor needs cleaning, repair and eventually, replacement. It is common for the blower’s motor to be replaced once in the life time of a furnace. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning would like to share some of the common problems or failures a blower can develop and their symptoms.

Are All Furnace Blower Motors the Same?

To better troubleshoot a furnace blower, it helps to understand the different types of motors there are and what problems each will be more prone to developing. There are two types of blower motors with various speeds. Below are the types and speeds of a blower motor.
• Direct Drive: A direct drive motor connects directly to provide power to the blower’s fan wheel.
• Belt Drive: A belt drive is when a belt is used to rotate the blower’s fan wheel.
• Single Speed: As the name suggests, a single speed blower runs at one speed or at full blast.
• Variable Speed: A variable speed motor runs at different speeds or strengths.

Signs of a Bad Blower Motor

When the blower begins to wear down or fail, it will provide some clues or signs. When you recognize the signs you will better know when your blower motor needs to be repaired. Here are some of the signs or symptoms of a failed furnace blower motor.
Poor Air Flow: One of the most obvious signs your blower motor is having a problem is weak air flow. When the blower is not circulating the air like it should, often that is a sign that the blower motor needs to be repaired. As the blower is the component that circulates the air when the air flow is weak or none at all, it is either due to a blockage or the blower motor is dying.
Higher Power Bill: When your power bill seems to be much higher than normal, this may be due to your blower. When the furnace is running properly, but the blower is wearing down, the heat will not be circulated into the home. As a result the inside temperature remains too cold and the thermostat will continue to trigger more and more heating cycles. This will of course be seen on your heating bill. Often a high heating bill is a sign of problems with the furnace. If it is not the blower, it may be something else. When you have a high power bill make sure to have the furnace inspected.
Overheating: When the furnace runs a cycle but that heat is not being circulated into the home, this will cause the furnace to eventually overheat. When a furnace overheats, it will often shut down to protect itself from damages. If you are having short cycling problems due to overheating, your blower motor might be the reason.

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