How Do I Know if My Ductless Air Conditioner Needs Emergency AC Repair in Sunrise Manor, NV?

Do you have a wonderful ductless AC unit in a room of your home? During the summers it is so effective to have to keep you cool. But have you noticed that the AC unit seems to be acting a little differently lately? Maybe it is making noise or not really blowing cold air now. If you are noticing these things then you most likely have problems with your AC unit. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning is going to help you know what the signs are when you will need a repair.

Why is My House So Hot Even with AC On?

An AC is supposed to keep your house cool. When it stops doing its job, what could be going on? Well truthfully, it could be several things. It could be something as simple as dirty air filters. It could be that your unit is set to heat. Yes, that might sound really simple but it does happen more than you think. Now those are two simple problems that you can fix yourself, but it could be much worse. It could also be something like a refrigerant leak that needs professional attention. If you have tried the first two and the problem continues, then it is time to call a professional.

Increase in Energy or Electric Bill

When you see your power bill creeping up in price when nothing has changed with the company or with the way you are running your AC, then that could mean that something is going on with your AC unit that you might not be aware of. If your bill seems like it is too high or higher than it used to be, have someone come and check out your AC and see if something is wrong with it.

Why is My AC Unit Making Loud Noises?

Loud noises are never a good sign when it comes to your AC. You could hear the sound of it clicking on but that is it. Any other sound could be an indicator that there is a problem. Ductless AC units are usually fairly quiet. If you are hearing a popping or clicking sound, this can indicate that the plastic housing is going in and out while your AC is on. A rattling noise could mean something is loose. If you are hearing any unusual noises, call a professional to come to look at your AC unit.

AC Short Cycling

Is your AC unit short cycling? If so, then you need to call a professional to come to look at it. Short cycling is when your AC will turn off before it reaches the temperature that it is supposed to be. Your house or room will not be as cool as you are wanting it to be. No matter how many times it runs, it will still turn off before it reaches the temperature. This is not okay and it is not good for your system. It means something is wrong with your unit and a professional will need to evaluate the cause.

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Don’t let your AC unit stop working when it is hot outside and you need it the most. If you are having these problems and need help getting your AC unit fixed, Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning can help you with any repairs that may be necessary. Call us today!