How Do I Know if My Air Ducts Need to Be Cleaned in Enterprise, NV; Weak Air Flow, Black Dust on Vents & More

There are lots of things that you need to do to care for your appliances in your home. One of the appliances that you want to make sure is in good working condition is the HVAC unit. The unit is what is used to heat the house when it is cool outside and cool it down in the summer. The unit has many working parts and one of the areas you want to have inspected are the air ducts. The air ducts are part of the system that will be used to push the air that is heated or cooled through the house. They are sent off in each direction so that they connect to the vents that are in each room. The vents are the end of the line and are where the air gets in the room. When it comes to the duct work you cannot see it since it is behind the walls but you still can tell when it needs to be cleaned out. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning outlines how you can tell when to clean your air ducts.

Weak Air Flow from Vents

You may start to notice that there is a change in the level of air that is coming out of the vents. The air is usually felt if you are in the room and you place your hand over the area. There are times that the air flow can seem diminished and that is a sign that you need to have the air ducts cleaned. the air ducts can become full of debris and dust and that will limit the amount of air that is able to moving through to each room. The diminished air flow often occurs in all rooms rather than just a single space.

Black Stuff Around Air Vents

There is a vent at each end point of the duct work. The vent allows you to adjust the air that is able to get in each of the rooms. The air should be able to flow freely and if there is something that is stopping it the debris may start to show up other places. It can start to look like streaks around the vents that are placed in each room. The vents are the end of the line and if start to see dust and dirt around the vents it can be a sign that there is a blockage in the duct work. The great news is that the air ducts can be cleaned out properly and cleared out to stop the dirt from traveling around and out the vents. This is a sign that you want to call out a professional to clean the ductwork for you.

Decreased Air Quality

One of the other things that you will start to notice around your house is that people are not feeling as good. These often mean that the air in the house is at a lower quality than you might want. When you have a decreased air quality it is often due to the ducts being full of dirt, dust and debris. You want to make sure that you have your ducts checked out and cleaned when needed.

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