How Do I Know if My AC Evaporator Coil is Dirty in The Lakes, NV? Low Cooling Capacity, Long Cool Cycles & More

The evaporator coils are a major component to the air conditioning system. The evaporator coils job is to absorb the heat during the cooling process. It is common for the evaporator coils to get dirty throughout a cooling season. When the evaporator coils become too dirty, the air conditioning system will not be able to operate correctly. Often dirty evaporator coils will provide some clues. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning will cover some of the classic signs that the evaporator coils are dirty and in turn, need to be cleaned.

Low Cooling Capacity

One of the first signs that your evaporator coils are dirty is that you will notice your home feeling warmer and warmer. When the evaporator coils become dirty and covered in a muddy like blanket. When this happens, the evaporator coil cannot absorb the heat. When the air conditioner unit appears to be running normally and is making odd noises, yet your air conditioner isn’t making enough cool air, often the evaporator coils are dirty and need to be cleaned.

Longer Cooling Cycles

Another classic sign your evaporator coils are dirty is when your air conditioner seems to be running longer than normal. Your air conditioner will run longer cooling cycles when the evaporator coils are dirty because the coil isn’t removing the heat fast enough. This will cause the cooling cycle to last longer. If you notice your air conditioner is running longer and isn’t cooling the inside of the home, you will want to turn off your air conditioner until the unit is checked. Your coil is most likely dirty but this can also be a sign of a refrigerant leak.

Evaporator Coils Ice Up & Freeze

When the evaporator coils are dirty, the air conditioner will run a longer cooling cycle. The evaporator coils will begin to become very cold due to the refrigerant moving into the evaporator. Since the evaporator coil isn’t using that cold energy to cool the air, the evaporator coil themselves will begin to freeze up and develop ice. When you can see the evaporator coils with ice on them, this is a clear sign the coils need to be cleaned.

Can You Clean Your Evaporator Coil Yourself?

The air conditioner’s evaporator coils will develop dirt and a muddy like substances on the surface of the coils. When the coils become dirty they need to be cleaned to ensure the air conditioner operates correctly. When the coils are dirty the air conditioner cannot create enough cool air for the home. Not only do dirty coils affect the home’s indoor temperatures, but it will also cause stress and damage to the air conditioner. If the coils do become dirty they will need to be cleaned. It is highly recommended that you seek a professional HVAC service to come and clean the coils. The coils can be easily damaged and the coils will need to be replaced if the thin metal fins become bent.

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To prevent the coils from developing too much dirt, it is recommended to have your air conditioner tuned-up during the spring or summer season during which the coils will be cleaned. For HVAC services, contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning today.