How Do I Know if My AC Coil is Dirty? How Often Should Coils Be Cleaned in Summerlin South, NV?

If you want your AC system to last as long as possible, there is a certain amount of maintenance that needs to be performed on it. This is the best way to extend the life of your unit and get the most efficient cooling at the same time. There are several things that are done when you have your AC tuned up for the year. One of them is coil cleaning. This is an important thing to do for a few different reasons. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning is here to talk about cleaning your AC coils, and why it isn’t something you want to skip.

Two Types of AC Coils; Condenser & Evaporator

There are two types of coils that are located inside your AC system, evaporator coils and condenser coils. The evaporator coils are going to be found inside the indoor portion of your system and are responsible for removing heat and humidity from your home. The condenser coils are located inside the outdoor unit and are primarily responsible for transferring heat from the inside of your home to the outside with the use of refrigerant. Both of these coil systems play a large role in the overall efficiency of your AC system.

Why AC Coil Cleaning is Necessary

You want to make sure your AC coils are kept clean for many reasons. If you don’t keep these coils cleaned, you could run into problems like overheating. Because they are located in different areas and have different responsibilities, it’s no wonder cleaning them can benefit your system in different ways.
– AC Condenser Coils: You know that the condenser coils that are located on the outdoor unit will more than likely be covered in more dirt and grime. When you don’t have clean condenser coils, the heat won’t be able to transfer from your home as easily as it would if they were clean. This means that your AC is working harder and not giving you the results you’re looking for. It can also end up costing you more money when you don’t have these important coils cleaned.
– AC Evaporator Coils: Even though these coils are on the inside unit, you will still want to clean them to remove any crusted on dust and dirt. If you don’t remove it, your AC will have a much harder time removing the humidity from your home. This can leave you feeling warmer than you would like.

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Your AC coils need to be cleaned during your routine maintenance appointment once a year. If you live in a city that has high levels of pollution, you may want to consider doing it more than once a year. At Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning, we provide AC maintenance services that will ensure your AC is up for the task of keeping you cool this summer. It’s never too late for AC maintenance. Call us today!