How Do I Change from Heat to Cool Las Vegas, NV? AC Unit Prep, Vent Cleaning & More

As the Las Vegas Desert winds into spring, we can expect the weather to be up and down. You may need to run the air conditioning during the day, and perhaps use the furnace at night to manage indoor comfort. No matter your preferences, now is the time to prepare the AC system for use and your furnace for the off-season. With this in mind, we at Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning would like to share the steps to transition from heating to cooling.

Prep Furnace for Off Season

Now is the time to prepare your furnace for being used less and not at all. Consider scheduling an inspection service by a pro to ensure it is running optimally and that the season didn’t cause excessive wear. Clean around the unit and make sure it has 2-3 ft of clearance free from obstruction, dirt, and debris.

AC Unit Preparation

Remove its cover, if you covered it up for the winter. Clear out the area of debris, overgrown vegetation and any obstacles. Like the furnace, your AC unit should give 2-3ft of clearance. If you notice any damage, be sure to contact an HVAC expert. Also, schedule an AC tune-up before the AC becomes depended on. Experts can ensure the AC is healthy and any potential issues are rectified before they cause inconvenience and worse problems.

Change Air Filters

Opting for fresh ones when switching over to AC is a good rule of thumb while you should already be changing your air filters every one to three months. Your AC’s air filter is an essential component that makes or breaks your home’s indoor air quality. Especially if you have pets, be sure to keep changing the filters as needed.

Vent Cleaning

You should also vacuum or wash the vents throughout the home along with changing the air filters. Dirty vents can inhibit airflow or even blow dust back into the living space. You may need to have your ducts cleaned if you’ve cleaned the vents and replaced the air filters but you still experience poor indoor air quality.

Adjust Thermostat from Heat to Cool

It is easy to forget, but batteries on a thermostat usually last up to a year. If you haven’t changed them recently, now may be a good time. This helps ensure the batteries are fresh and will get you through the summer.
You may also need to adjust the thermostat to reflect the warmer temperatures.

Schedule Professional Annual Tune Up

Between the heating and cooling seasons is the prime time to schedule your HVAC maintenance. AS mentioned, the experts can also spot any issues before they become costly problems in addition to the technician ensuring your air conditioner is prepped for summer.

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