How DIY Repairs Can Mess Up Your AC in Las Vegas, NV; Risk of Voiding Warranty & More

With the scorching summer heat, many homeowners find their air conditioners struggle to keep their homes cool and comfortable. Homeowners across the nation dread this time of year; the thought of their ACs breaking down and the potential for expensive repair bills leaves us all treading on eggshells. While you can DIY many projects around your home, AC repairs should always be left to your Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning professional. Attempting repairs on your own can result in more damage to your HVAC unit, possibly even a complete AC replacement.

Reasons to Avoid DIY AC Repair

1. You lack HVAC experience and expertise: Your AC unit is a complicated piece of machinery with multiple moving parts. Your Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning experts have the training, certifications, and experience to inspect your AC system, diagnose problems, and complete repairs. Without experience and expertise, you risk damaging your unit further and possibly even hurting yourself and endangering your loved ones.
2. Inability to get the right AC parts: HVAC parts and equipment can only be purchased by a licensed HVAC contractor. When you work with Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning, you get the correct parts and equipment to repair your unit and the technician’s skill to perform the repairs safely and correctly. Using makeshift components that don’t quite fit is dangerous and expensive in the long run.
3. Using the wrong AC tools: AC repairs require specialized tools not typically found around your home. These tools are expensive to purchase and can be dangerous without the proper training to use them correctly. You also run the risk of permanently damaging your unit, which has the potential to result in premature and costly replacement.
4. Possibility of AC electrical problems: Your air conditioner requires high voltage to operate correctly. Even if you have some electrical experience, DIY repairs can cause irreparable damage to your unit, and you also risk starting a fire or, even worse, sustaining an electric shock that can cause injuries or death.
5. Safety hazards: DIY AC repairs can be dangerous for many reasons, including the risk of injury. Refrigerants can be hazardous if inhaled and cause chemical burns if mishandled. If your AC unit is located in a place that is hard to reach, you also risk tripping and falling.
6. You risk voiding the AC warranty: If your AC is only a few years old, it is probably still under the manufacturer’s warranty. Your contract will cover repairs and replacement parts performed by a certified AC repair technician for some time after your initial investment. But if you make any repairs, you will void your warranty and assume the responsibility of covering the cost of future professional maintenance and repairs.
7. DIY AC repairs are not cost-effective: Attempting DIY repairs can cause more harm to your system, especially if the repairs involve any of the mechanical components. You risk damaging another part of the system, causing additional problems that will result in even more repairs. Before you know it, your attempt at a cheap fix will cost you a small fortune. Scheduling an appointment with your Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning specialist is much more cost-effective in the long run.

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