How DIY AC Repairs Can Mess Up Your Air Conditioning System in Las Vegas, NV

When your AC stops working and you are sitting in a very hot house, you may think that it is cheaper and easier to just try to fix the AC yourself. This way you don’t have to hire and pay someone else to come fix the AC. While you may have good intentions trying to fix your AC, it can turn bad very quickly. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning is here to help give you some reasons why you should avoid DIY AC repairs.

Hard to Get AC Parts

When something goes wrong with your AC it is not as easy to fix it yourself as you may think. You cannot just go to a hardware store and buy the parts for your AC. You have to get the parts from an HVAC supplier. Most suppliers will only sell to licensed HVAC contractors and experts. When you hire a professional, you not only get the correct parts that you need but you also get a technician that can diagnose the correct issue with your AC.

Wrong AC Repair Tools

Getting the correct parts is hard enough when you try to do it yourself but on top of that most homeowners don’t have the right tools to repair the AC. The correct tools can be very expensive and often require special training to use them safely. If by chance you do get the correct tool, you still run into the problem of damaging other parts of your air conditioner because you do not have the proper training.

Risk of Electrical Fire & Electrocution

The air conditioner uses very high voltage electrical power. If you do something wrong, it can cause problems to your HVAC system, start a fire or it could create a life-threatening injury to you from being shocked or electrocuted. Even if you know electrical work, you are still taking a risk trying to fix your AC if you are not a trained technician.

Safety Hazards

It is not only the electrical side of the AC you need to worry about. You are also at risk of bodily injury. If a homeowner is trying to handle refrigerant on their own they could potentially burn themselves plus, it is also dangerous to inhale. Your AC is also often in the attic so you will have to use ladders and go around home structures that could cause injuries. Often fixing repairs can be heavy which can make it difficult to try to do it by yourself.

Voids AC Warranty

If you have a new AC then there is a good chance that it is under warranty. If you try to repair your AC by yourself, it will void the warranty. Having a warranty is a great thing because it can cover repairs and equipment if things need to be replaced. It makes it a lot easier on you to use the warranty and hire a licensed technician to fix your AC than to try and fix it yourself and void the warranty.

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With all the above reasons why trying to fix your AC yourself is a bad idea. You also need to remember that you do not have any experience in AC repairs. That is why hiring a licensed or trained technician can help make sure you get the job done correctly. If you are having problems with your AC then give Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning a call today.