How Can I Stay Cool if My AC is Broken & I’m Waiting for Emergency Air Conditioner Repair in Summerlin North, NV?

When your home’s air conditioner breaks down, often an HVAC technician can be to your home that very day. They can look over your air conditioner unit and hopefully get your air conditioning system back up and running. However, in some cases you may be left without any air conditioning system until your cooling system is repaired or replaced. Major components may not be available and can take a few days before the needed parts to repair your air conditioner are available. In some cases the air conditioner unit just needs to be replaced which can take days to get the new system and equipment needed for installation. For those who have to wait days or weeks before they begin to cool down their home, you may be wondering how to survive the heat. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning will share a few ways you can stay cooler while waiting for your air conditioner replacement or repairs.

Open Windows at Night to Cool House

When the temperatures are at their lowest, it is a good time to open up all of the windows in the home or sections of the home without air conditioning. Often the outdoor temperature is cooler than inside and the air flow from the windows will help make the home feel cooler. Not only will the air flow help make the home feel cooler, but it also moves the hot air out of the house which will aid in cooling down the home.

Cover Windows to Keep Heat Out

To help keep you home cooler you will want to block out the windows in your home. Black-out curtains or heavy blankets are great for covering windows and blocking out the light which only increases the temperature inside the home. During the day keep the windows blocked to help reduce how hot it gets inside your home.

Turn on Ceiling Fans

Whether you have ceiling fans or standing fans, turn them on. The fans will help circulate the air in the home and provide a cool breeze to help keep you cool. Misting yourself with water and allowing the fan to hit you will help cool you down faster. When using your ceiling fans make sure they are rotating the right way. The ceiling fans should rotate counterclockwise to provide cool air blowing down and not just circulating the air. You can also place bags or bottles of ice in front of the fans to help create a cool space.

Avoid Cooking Indoors when AC is Broken

Cooking with the stove or oven only creates more heat inside the home. When you have no air conditioner you will want to avoid cooking indoors, or at least with a stove or oven. Food that can be prepared without cooking them such as sandwiches, fruit dishes, and other similar food will prevent heat from building up inside the home. Additionally, you will stay cooler by avoiding eating or drinking hot foods. To help stay cooler drink ice cold beverages, eat cold food and stock up on ice cream!

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These are some tips on staying cool. You can also invest in single room cooling units to help cool down bedrooms and other areas that are being occupied. Due to recent supply problems, repairing and replacing air conditioning systems can take longer. Stay cool and for quality HVAC services, contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning today.