How Can Buying a New HVAC System Save You Money in North Las Vegas, NV?

A new HVAC system can seem a little overwhelming because it can be more pricey than most people can spend. But there are a few things that many people don’t actually know exist to help save you money on a new HVAC system. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning wants to give you a few tips so you know how you can save a little more money when buying a new HVAC system.

Local incentives & Tax Credit

Depending on which state you live in, many state and local companies will give you rebates or even incentives for switching to a better high-efficiency HVAC system. As great as that sounds, to make it even better, Congress has started doing a tax credit for any homeowners who will upgrade their HVAC system to a better energy efficient one. You could receive up to $3200 a year until 2032.

Get In-Home Consultation

When you call a company to get a quote for a new HVAC system many will provide free quotes over the phone or through email. All you have to do is give them the footage of your home, the model or serial number of your current HVAC system. When you go this route, it is just an estimate. It does not give you the exact price of what a new system would cost you. The better choice is to find a company to come out to your house and take proper measurements, inspect the equipment that you have, such as the duct work and your thermostat. Then after they have examined everything, they can give you a more precise quote.

HVAC Manufacturer Rebates

When you purchase a new HVAC system you will want to look around and find one that has a manufacturer rebate. Many of the high-efficiency air conditioners or furnaces are the ones that typically have the cash back rewards or significant rebates. You can also find offers for financing that have lower interest rates when you purchase a more energy-efficient HVAC.

Save on Energy Bills

With an older HVAC system it can start having more problems the older it gets, when this happens it can increase your energy bill. When you purchase a new high-efficiency HVAC system you will notice that your energy bills will decrease. This can help save you from extremely high payments on your monthly energy bills

Install Air Conditioner & Furnace at the Same Time

If you can afford it, the best thing to do is purchase a new furnace and new air conditioner at the same time. This can help save you money on installation. There is also a good chance that the HVAC company will give you discount offers when they are purchased at the same time.

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There are so many ways that you can save money when you purchase a new HVAC system. Yes, it may look scary right up front having to pay that much money but with all the discounts and rebates that you can find it is always worth getting a new high efficiency HVAC system. Give Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning a call and get a new one installed in your home today.