How an Old or Inefficient Gas Furnace Can Cause Poor Air Quality & Pollution in Aliante, NV

The push to make our homes more energy efficient with tighter-fitting windows, doors and weather stripping has caused pollutants that were vented in the past to now become trapped in our homes. Since we spend a lot of time indoors during the winter months this can become a problem.

How Does a Bad Furnace Affect Indoor Air Quality?

When your heating system is functioning properly, you take it for granted – when it’s not, you will notice. Poor indoor air quality can make you sick. It can also cause the air in your home to become very dry. Just like an old car will start to release carbon and other particulates, so will an old furnace. When your furnace isn’t functioning as it once did, it can’t filter air properly, it can’t circulate the air as it once did, and can contribute to moisture and mold problems. Furnaces work by taking in cool air from your home through ducts, heating it, and then circulating it back through your house through a duct system. During the process, these ducts will collect dust mites, pet dander, mold, viruses and other allergens than your furnace will then force back into your home.

Symptoms of Poor Indoor Air Quality

This can lead to coughing, sneezing, wheezing, headaches, dizziness, irritation of eyes, ears, and throat fatigue and more serious illnesses. Carbon monoxide can also start to leak into your home when your furnace bad. Carbon monoxide can trigger headaches, dizziness, vomiting, heart and brain damage and even death. It can also lead to a house fire. If you suspect carbon monoxide is leaking into your home, you need to get out and call for help right away.

Air Filters & Your Furnace

The basic filter is designed to keep dust and large particulates out of the machinery, but more advanced filters can effectively remove pollutants, including viruses and odors. Upgrade to a higher quality filter with tighter weaves that will trap tinier contaminants to tackle indoor air pollution. Follow the MERV rating: the higher the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, the more efficient the filter is. It’s a step you can take right away, for little money.

Signs Your Furnace Needs Repair

Your home’s heating system and your home’s indoor air quality are intricately linked. When your heating system is operating at its peak and you maintain it the right way, you will be warm and healthy all winter long. Is your furnace in distress? If you notice a burning smell, humming sounds, strange knocks and bangs and odd noises that you’ve never heard before call to find out what’s going in and get it fixed.

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We all want what’s best for our home and the ones that live in it. Good indoor air quality is good for your home and those in it, while poor indoor air quality is not. It can lead to illness, lower energy levels and can speed up the aging of your home. If you suspect your furnace needs help, call Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning. We’ll figure out what the problem is and get it fixed right away!