House Energy Audit Checklist in Rhodes Ranch, NV; Inspecting for Air Leaks for Home Sealing & More

A home energy audit is also known as a home energy assessment. It will determine all the areas where your home is losing energy and where you can save. It’s typically the first step to make your home more efficient. An audit will assess how much energy you’re using and evaluate any steps you can take to improve the energy efficiency in your home. These audits don’t save energy in your home all on their own. The homeowner needs to put any suggestions into place to save energy. The current energy consumption will be looked at and then energy efficient measures are identified. The result is a more efficient home.

Home Energy Audit Checklist

1. The outside of your home will be looked at. The auditor will look at the walls, eaves and windows to look for any areas that are causing leaks in or out of you home.
2. The furnace and water heater will be looked at. If either of these appliances are older, they are likely in need of replacement for more efficiency. The furnace filter will be looked at to see if it needs to be replaced and the ductwork will also be inspected to look for leaks.
3. The attic will be looked at. The auditor will look at the insulation to insure it’s installed the right way and that is it’s all even. They will also look at the holes were electrical lines run to see if they’re sealed correctly because these areas can be a source of leaks.
4. A blower door test will be performed. This test is a great way to look for leaks in the home. After all the windows and doors are closed, the blower door machine will depressurize the home. Then an infrared camera will then be used to see where cold air may be leaking into the home.
5. The lighting in the home will be looked at. The auditor will inspect all the lighting in the home. The best way to reduce your electricity costs is to switch over to light-emitting diodes (LEDs) or compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) instead of the standard incandescent light bulbs.

Ways to Save Heat Energy in Your Home

While these steps are the most common ones, energy audits will all depend on the tools and the scope the energy auditor uses. Some auditors will also use additional steps. Some of the smaller steps you can take may include switching to more efficient lighting and sealing air leaks or adding weather stripping. Larger steps may include adding insulation, replacing windows or replacing appliances for energy efficient options. The cost of replacement upfront might be significant, but the amount of money you’ll save over the lifetime of the new appliances will make up for it. The savings of the upgraded appliances can be seen in just a few years.

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